Looking Out for Long-term Success in Your Music Career? Harrison Wain, aka BOXBOY, Throws Light on a Few Essential Tips.
(Photo : Looking Out for Long-term Success in Your Music Career? Harrison Wain, aka BOXBOY, Throws Light on a Few Essential Tips.)

BOXBOY is an Australian musician who has made a name for himself by thriving in rock, trap music and alternative indie music and making creative videos on social media.

Breaking into any industry today is no less than a challenge and when you aspire to become a part of an industry like music, which is ever-evolving and ever-growing, you know the challenges can be many. However, a few rare gems in the world chose to anyway become a part of the industry and still create outstanding success all by believing in their dreams, strong visions and their conviction that their musical craft will strike a chord with the audiences. Harrison Wain, more popularly known as BOXBOY, serves as a perfect example of the same. Coming out of Sydney, Australia, who says, "Almost every industry today is saturated with many talented people, but one must focus on what they do differently or what makes them differ from the rest, as that will lead them forward and get nearer their visions and goals in life." He further said that no one ever said that things in life would be all easy and convenient. People, at the end of the day, have to realize that until and unless they don't make a move and come out of their comfort zone, no magic will happen in their careers or life. He did exactly that and perhaps that is why he is currently the only young Australian musician to excel in rock, trap music and alternative indie music.

Below, the 21-year-old musical artist, who has also proved his excellence across social media as an astute video creator by creating comedic and unique videos, shares a few tips that he believes can help other aspiring musical talents to achieve long-term success in their career.

  • Create music the audiences love to hear: BOXBOY wants people to know that only focusing on what you are good at will not help you reach where you want to get. For this, it is essential to step outside your comfort zone as improving in other genres will not only give you more styles of music to release but also experience that could help you get better in your main genre of music. Also to walk in sync with the trends of the industry. Hence, musicians must also create music that their audiences will love to hear. This helps create a lucrative career for them as audiences see how music artists are concerned about their tastes in music. BOXBOY adds that gone are the days when music labels created only rockstars, now is the time to understand that a band or a musician must become their own CEO and create their unique brand. This becomes possible when musicians serve what the audiences are hungry for in terms of music.

  • Leverage social media platforms: BOXBOY had started his career in social media and also earned a lot of momentum creating videos online. Later, when he jumped into music, he leveraged the platform for creating more buzz around his songs. The same he suggests to others as well. People must optimize these mediums to the maximum to keep serving their followers with their creative prowess in music and make more noise around their work. Only making music will not end your work, says BOXBOY, who wants people to understand the importance of social media platforms for promoting their work. Being more active on social media and engaging with people through creative and musical content can draw more audiences towards them, which can eventually help them earn more listeners for their songs. Apart from this, BOXBOY also mentions that promoting music offline play an equally important role, where musicians can rely on the radio for playing their songs. Also, a few interviews on the radio can help artists gain much more success.

  • Be consistent: All those people who have been able to stay relevant in their respective niches chose to be consistent in the same. With music as well, people must consistently work towards creating songs and more refreshing tunes every day and spellbound their audiences. This helps in creating a deeper connection with the audiences, which takes artists towards gaining long-term success.

  • Diversify in music: BOXBOY, who excels at making rock, trap music, and alternative indie music, wants other artists to know that to gain more success, they must resiliently keep moving ahead in the music industry by also diversifying. Artists can also start with giving music lessons and play at events, apart from releasing their music albums on major music platforms. This will give them more exposure, help them gain many new experiences and also help them network more by meeting like-minded people through these events.

On asking BOXBOY, what helped him achieve so much success in music at 21 years, he quickly replied saying, "Being willing to risk it all, outworking everything, and the ability to completely rebuild myself different and better helped me in my journey". 

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