Google Maps boasts its ability to showcase the entire world through a user's computer screen. It is used when users want to explore the world's rich geographical content, or maybe the user needs direction.

Meanwhile, Google Earth allows users to see maps, landscapes, satellite images, 3D buildings, and even view satellite photos from galaxies in the solar system. It is a convenient innovation that gives everyone access to every part of the world.

However, it could be a little overwhelming because there are instances where bizarre photos are visible through it.

Here are seven weird Google Maps images:

Line of Creepy Men in White Cloaks

This is a TikTok video of Jason Cline, and he found a disturbing image caught on Google Earth.

At first, he only saw a man riding a bicycle. Nothing creepy, but he is wearing an all-white cloak that spooked Cline.

However, he decided to look on the other side, and he saw a line of men wearing white cloaks who look like they are in the middle of a ritual.

 @jason_clineReally weird things found on google earth. #secrets #googleearth #strange  ♬ Spooky, quiet, scary atmosphere piano songs - Skittlegirl Sound 

Luckily, they are not real. The white-cloaked men are statues, according to Insider.

Deceased Loved Ones Frozen in Time

Twitter users shared that they usually visit Google Maps not to get direction, or a view of their neighborhood but to see their lost loved ones. In a tweet, Dawn stated that his lovely dad passed away in 2013, but she still sees him on Google Maps.

Following her tweet, other users also posted the same sentiments of how they still get to see their beloved relatives.

The fact that their photos are up for literally the entire world to see is quite bizarre, but it gives a certain sense of peace to their living loved ones.

A Place That Does Not Snow

It is common for funny things found on Google Maps to occur, but bizarre photos are harder to come by.

An image from a man or a woman's roof in Florida states that "I Am From A Place Where It Does Not Snow."

Florida has little experience with snow, but to have it written on your roof is quite strange.

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Japanese Spiderman... Again

When it comes to giving people something to laugh about, Google Maps does not fail.

Spiderman sightings have been going around for ages, but it is pretty funny to see Spiderman crawling down a not-so-high roof!

The Marvel superhero seems to be highly dedicated to his job, huh?

Creepy Tree Man

The weird things on Google Earth 2021 have gone insanely odd.

Take this photo, for example. A strange, creepy man is hanging on the branches of a tree in Belgium!

Although Google Maps have blurred out the face, it is still unsettling.

Unsettling Set of Mannequins

Indonesia is a stunning country filled with rich culture and history. However, it also has some creepy areas and folklore.

Wouldn't it be scary to walk past a set of mannequins?

Well, Google Maps chanced upon this rare photo. You probably would not want to see these mannequins in the dark!

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