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Search Company Claims To Have Found Lost City Of Atlantis

Another team had yet again claimed that they finally found where the lost city of Atlantis once stood. The search company behind this latest expedition said the fictional city was near the coast of in Spain.

Ancient November 29, 2018

Google Earth Reveals Nearly 400 Ancient Stone Gates In Saudi Arabia

Archaeologists have discovered around 400 ancient manmade structures in Saudi Arabia. The purpose of these edifices referred to as 'gates', however, is still mysterious.

Ancient October 24, 2017

Google Earth Revamped: New Voyager Feature Takes Users On Adventures Around The World

The web and Android versions of Google Earth just received a massive update that launched several new features. One of these features is named Voyager, which takes users on curated digital journeys around the world.

Google April 18, 2017

Google Earth Timelapse Lets You See How Much Earth Changed From 1984 To 2016

Google has fed data from millions of satellite images of the Earth on its Google Earth Engine. This allows the application to show the development in any location on the planet in incredible time lapse.

Apps/Software November 29, 2016

Google Maps And Earth Just Got A Huge Boost: New, More Detailed And Higher Contrast Images

Google improved the satellite imagery for its Google Earth and Google Maps services. It pushed out an update that brings clearer and sharper images from its new Landsat 8 satellite.

Google June 28, 2016

Aliens On Google Earth? UFO Fanatics Spot Futuristic Structures In Egypt

Mysterious structures were spotted several miles outside of Cairo, Egypt by a group of alien hunters known as Secureteam10. The group posted a video on YouTube, which features images of the alien-like buildings.

Space April 8, 2016

Microsoft Terraserver Was The Google Earth Of The 90s That Microsoft Killed

Microsoft killed off what used to be Google Earth before Google was established: the Terraserver. Terraserver was deemed the earliest publicly available interactive satellite map of the planet and was regarded as the biggest database for quite some time.

Internet November 15, 2015

NASA Captures Satellite Photos Of Mysterious Ancient Earthworks In Kazakhstan

NASA released several satellite photos of mysterious ancient earthworks or geoglyphs in the steppes of Kazakhstan. The strange geoglyphs were first discovered through Google Earth by a Kazakh economist and archaeology enthusiast.

Animals November 3, 2015

Google Earth Turns 10, Celebrates With Announcing New Version

The Google Earth upgrade will include 1,500-plus new Earth View photos and a new layer called Voyager.

Apps/Software June 30, 2015

U.S. Court Accepts Google Earth Images As Evidence

A U.S. appeals court has ruled that Google Earth satellite images are admissible evidence in a criminal case, not amounting to hearsay.

Legal June 22, 2015

The Real Reason Why $399/Year Google Earth Pro Is Now Free (And How You Can Download It)

Google Earth Pro now costs the same thing as the core version of the mapping software. Google drops the $400 price tag off Google Earth Pro and the reasons for doing so appear to be plain.

Apps/Software February 2, 2015

Forget Paying $399, Google Earth Pro is Now Free

Google Earth may have sufficed for people who like to take virtual around-the-world tours, but Google Earth Pro is actually a thing – and it’s free.

Internet January 31, 2015

Google Cardboard SDK for Android, Unity Now Out

Google has just released its Cardboard SDKs that are designed for Android and Unity. With more than 500,000 shipped units of Google Cardboards, the company now wants the developers to add more contents to the system.

Apps/Software December 15, 2014

Google IPO turns 10: A look back

It's been a decade since Google made its initial public offering. We now look back at the company's significant milestones since it went public.

Business August 20, 2014

WorldView-3 satellite can grab shots of license plates, identify tree species

A new satellite launched by DigitalGlobe has many new features and enhancements. This should give citizens a better view of the planet and make Google map users happy.

FUTURE TECH August 13, 2014

Google acquires Skybox for $500 million. Now, maps will be cooler

Google wants satellites of its own, purchases satellite imaging startup Skybox for that purpose. Google Maps and Google Earth could be in for some awesome upgrades.

Deals June 11, 2014

Why is Google willing to spend $1 billion to snatch Skybox?

Acquiring Skybox would give a boost to the reliability and accuracy of Google Earth and Google Earth Enterprise.

Business May 26, 2014

Jane Goodall praises Google, mapping tech to help communities

Renowned primatologist Jane Goodall has praised Google and its efforts in mapping technology that have helped local communities and their environment.

Animals April 6, 2014

Google Earth reveals perils of over-fishing in Persian Gulf

Researchers used images captured from Google Earth to understand the impact of over fishing in the Persian Gulf.

Earth/Environment November 29, 2013

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