Best Google Maps alternatives are now being searched by the majority public as more and more people are now trying to protect their privacy. Google Maps is currently used by over a billion users per month. Tese users send about 20 million suggested updates every single day. Although this could mean better directions for its users, this also means more data for Google.

Google Receives 20 Million Suggestion Updates Per Day themselves tell the public of the 20 million suggestion updates that they receive every day and it is now a growing concern for more and more users. It's very well known that Google Maps definitely helps people finding out locations but Google wouldn't remain Google if they did not collect any of their users' data.

For those looking to hide where they've been from Google, using an alternative to Google Maps is an option. An article by WIRED notes the different apps that could be used instead of Google Maps itself.

Google Maps Best Alternatives

1. OpenStreetMap

This is one of the alternatives that is known as the "Wikipedia of apps." It is built by people that use the app and every information available is open data. This means users can reuse maps for anything. It is also being updated by those users using GPS, aerial photography, and even other free sources of information.

2. OsmAnd

This particular mapping app was created from the data provided by OpenStreetMap. It provides users with a number of uses like map downloads for offline uses, ski maps, and even travel guides.

3. Apple Maps

Naturally, for those using iOS, the Apple Maps is no stranger. Apple has been working and building a way to ensure user activity remains private on the mapping app like what is currently seen on Apple products and other Apple apps. As of the moment, it remains the most privacy-friendly alternative according to WIRED.

4. Here

If established house-hold names are what users are looking for, Here is a useful alternative. The app is owned by a number of car brands which include BMW, Audi, and Daimler. This results in really smooth location and navigation services. This app also sells mapping content to firms like Garmin and Amazon.

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Always Read Privacy Policy

In order to choose the best alternative, it is important to look for the app's privacy policies. Make sure to read the privacy policies thoroughly as it is required to contain the extent of what data apps are allowed to gather. By reading the privacy policy, users will be able to discern whether or not they agree to these terms.

Most of the time, however, users just easily click "agree" without reading the full clause. Make sure to thoroughly read between the lines and check to see if the "agree" button would give the users' consent to the application to harvest their data. Most of the time, it is plainly stated in the long privacy policy.

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