iPhone WiFi Permanently Disabled | Here's a Quick Fix to the iOS Bug
(Photo : Screenshot From Pexels Official Website) iPhone WiFi Permanently Disabled | Here's a Quick Fix to the iOS Bug

iPhone WiFi permanently disabled? This could be a new iOS bug that was recently spotted. The bug works by "permanently" disabling the user's WiFi. However, there is actually a quick fix for this particular problem.

Apple iOS Bug Spotted

According to News18, the new Apple iOS is said to be the safest iOS ever rolled out. The new operating system has the most privacy-focused built compared to its competitors. However, despite the security update and sophistication, the UI is still very prone to bugs by users.

Quite similarly, a iOS bug has been found to cut off users WiFi access if ever they try to connect using a wrong network. This particular bug was found by a particular Carl Schou, according to ubergizmo, after the user tried joining a WiFi network that was named %p%s%s%s%s%n.

Users 'Permanently Disable' iPhone WiFi

For users that see the same name, it is important to be careful and keep away due to the effect it has on users WiFi connection. According to the report, the network would then "permanently disable" the users' iPhone WiFi functionality. 

The researcher was reportedly unable to fix this particular problem after ultimately changing the hotspot's official SSID and even despite rebooting his own iPhone. Others that had faced the exact same issue have then suggested that the known bug could actually be related directly to the initial use in the network's name that had a percentage sign.

% Problem in C and C-Style Languages

This then led to a particular input parsing issue in which the iOS would mistakenly interpret the letters that follow the % found in the name as a string-format specifier and not as text itself. The problem happens due to C and C-style languages using string format specifiers that have a sort of special meaning and are also parsed by the whole language compiler as a sort of variable name or even a sort of command instead of the given standard text.

News18, however, claims that there is a simple fix to this problem. Users can simply reset their own network settings before another Wi-Fi hotspot would attempt to be connected. For users to be able to reset the network settings, follow the sequence below.

WiFi Disable Solution

1. First go to Settings.

2. Click on General.

3. Click on Reset.

4. Click on Reset Network Settings.

5. Click on Confirm.

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Solution Works Only on %p%s%s%s%s%n 

This simple process can help users fix the problem of being permanently unable to access the WiFi with an iPhone. For those that find this method to be ineffective, knowing Apple, either contacting them or waiting for an update could solve this problem later on.

The solution is also specifically catered to fix the WiFi problem %p%s%s%s%s%n and has not been proven to be capable of fixing other problems.

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