The Google app, Podcasts, and Lens crashes repeatedly for some Android users with Samsung, Motorola, Google Pixel, LG, or Huawei phones. The bug remains unclear, but it only occurred after the latest update. Here are some remedies to fix the annoying issue. 

Google App Crashes on Several Android Users
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According to 9to5Google, Android users experienced the app constantly crashing in a few minutes of interval. It occurs even as they stare blankly at it. Notably, the same app also powers other Google services such as Lens, Podcast, and Discover.

With that, some users also faced the same mess.

Additionally, Android Authority reported that specific handheld models, such as LG Wing and Huawei Mate 20 Pro saw the Google app closing repeatedly.

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Google App Crash Update Bug

The Android-focused outlet added that two Google app versions are currently experiencing the crashing issue. More precisely, both and updates are facing the problem.

Additionally, some users suggested that the beta version also joins the list of the affected versions.

The errors coincidentally surfaced after the Google app 12.23 hit the mainstream on June 21. It comes after it took less than a week on beta mode. However, 9to5Google noted that the trial users did not face the same issue.

Google App Update Bug Fix

The search engine company has yet to issue an official concrete solution to the crashing issue. Although the Made by Google Twitter account wrote a fix that worked for some. Some users have also found temporary remedies, which helped several users.

Soft Reboot

Google suggested a soft reboot to stop the constant crashing of the app. It could be done by pressing the power button for at least 30 seconds. Android Authority noted that some users still encountered the crashing problem even after following the advice.

Version Rollback

If the first one fails, another temporary fix is to uninstall the current version of the Google app, and go for the previous one. But again, it only worked for a select number of users. Some folks still faced the same issue despite installing a preceding update or the 12.22.

Install Google Beta

The latest Google app beta 12.24 launched a few hours after the flawed version was rolled out. And some users found it to be the quick fix to the issue. All you have to do is enroll in the Google app beta program through this link, or directly on the Play Store listing on your smartphone.

Thankfully, Google Play Store still works smoothly.

Upon signing up for the beta program, you may now update to its version of the Google app, sans the crashing issue.

On March 24, Android apps also faced a crashing issue. However, the culprit at that time was the WebView app of the operating system. The problem extended to Amazon, Discord, and Microsoft applications.

Later on, on April 21, Google blamed a bug on the WebView Configuration technology.

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