Valve Tries to Prevent Gamers from Buying Games at Cheaper Prices Through VPN
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Valve is currently trying to stop its gamers from buying games at much cheaper prices with the simple use of a VPN as Valve started selling Steam games with different price points in different regions around the world.

Valve Makes It Harder for Steam Game Buyers

Basically, gamers that live in more expensive regions will be charged more expensively.

However, individuals coming from these areas have been looking for a way to get access to cheaper video games. This is actually something that Valve is already aware of and has been continually trying to stop from happening.

Apparently, SteamDB has recently discovered that Valve has now added a limit to how often users will be able to change their Steam account's chosen "country." Users may now only be able to switch them just once in three months.

Any purchases the users decide to make will have to be made using methods coming from the region that they have selected.

Different Regions Have Different Prices

Why would users choose to do this?

Well, let's say the user is in the United States, and the game they want to buy would cost them $50. For other players in other places like, let's say the European markets, the game they might want to buy could cost them more. Also, in a number of South American countries, the game might even cost less.

There is an example that supports this.

According to the results of a research done by VPNPro sometime in January 2021 that was looking at the average cost of a particular Steam game around the world, people in the US and Canada are paying different prices than people that come from Russia, Brazil, or India for the same games.

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Valve Puts Limit to Location Change

This means a certain Steam user could be at a disadvantage due to the local pricing, or maybe they might just opt to buy cheaper games.

The different price deals in different regions could be the reason behind users shifting their account to a different country in order to trick the storefront into allowing them to buy games at lower prices.

According to a story by Kotaku, the guess is that the restrictions are actually based on how often users can change their location to stop people from moving their account from one country to another in order to buy a game at a cheaper price. 

This particular move comes well after a year that Valve initially tried to close down this particular price loophole. Valve tried making it harder for users to buy things from other regions by actually forcing users to use their local payment method. This means users won't be able to use an American credit card when they decide to buy a game over in Poland, and so on.

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