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How Do Gamers Get Better At Gaming? Researchers Examine Habits, Practices Of Players

Researchers studied the habits of 'Halo: Reach' and 'StarCraft 2' players and discovered several insights that distinguish the elite gamers from those with lesser skills. It's all about consistency and moderation, they found.

Video Games February 28, 2017

Britain's Royal Air Force Urged To Recruit Young Gamers To Fly Reaper Drones In Battle Against ISIS

Britain's Royal Air Force should consider recruiting 18- and 19-year-old gamers to fly combat Reaper drones to blast ISIS, a retired air marshal urged a parliamentary group. Just pull them out of their 'PlayStation bedrooms' into a Reaper cabin, he said.

Defense December 10, 2016

Blizzard Mocked By Hacker Who Knocked Overwatch, World Of Warcraft, Diablo And Hearthstone Gamers Offline

Blizzard's platform suffered an outage that left 'Overwatch,' 'Hearthstone,' 'World of Warcraft,' 'Diablo' and more players unable to log in. A hacker claimed responsibility and is mocking both Blizzard and gamers, and more disruptions could be in the cards.

Video Games June 21, 2016

Gamers, Rejoice! Latest Version Of Skype Now Hides Your IP Address

Skype will no longer show IP address of users to other Skype users. Gamers will appreciate the update as they were one of the most targeted groups of attack.

Video Games January 22, 2016

2015 Holiday Gift Guide: Best Gifts For PC Gamers

Clueless as to what to give your PC-gaming friends this Christmas? Fear not, for we came up with five of the best suggestions to show them your love this holiday season.

Computers December 21, 2015

Grim Dawn Developers Create NPC To Immortalize Fan Who Died Of Lung Cancer

Action RPG 'Grim Dawn' has added a new character on guard duty. Here's the story of how Praetorian Zedlee became the latest honorable member of the Black Legion.

Geek December 18, 2015

A Study Says There's A Link Between Gaming And Smoking Cigarettes

A report published by the anti-tobacco nonprofit Truth Initiative indicates that the glamorized portrayal of tobacco use in gaming might be influencing young players to pick up the habit.

Geek December 15, 2015

Explore The Joker-Themed Land In This 'Minecraft' Server

Three 'Minecraft' builders spent three days making a Joker-themed land using the Arkham 'Minecraft' servers, complete with Joker and Harley Quinn statues.

Geek September 11, 2015

Electronic Sports League Will Start Administering Drug Tests To Players

With the rising popularity of performance-enhancing drugs like Adderall in the world of eSports, ESL is putting their foot down for the integrity of the sport and the safety of their players.

Geek July 23, 2015

Gaming On-The-Go: The Future Of Mobile Gaming vs. Consoles

With more people gaming on their smartphones than ever before, here's a look at how far the mobile gaming industry has gone and where it's predicted to go in comparison to game consoles.

Apps/Software June 4, 2015

'League Of Legends' Battles Harassment With Automated System That Could Ban Gamers

Riot Games will begin testing a new automated system that will provide instant feedback to those using abusive language in 'League of Legends.'

Geek May 26, 2015

Cardboard All The Way: Affordable Gaming Experience With Cardboard VR Viewer, Controller

Gamers can now get a more immersive VR experience by using a cardboard VR controller that works with any VR viewer. Plus, check out the video of other cardboard smartphone accessories.

Geek May 21, 2015

'Elite: Dangerous' Player Awarded $15,000 For Being The Best

A contest for space-sim 'Elite: Dangerous' now has its winners, including a $15,000 grand prize for the player able to achieve the rank of Elite in combat, exploration and trade.

Geek March 23, 2015

Kanye West Is Making A Video Game About His Late Mother Going To Heaven

Kanye West announced to the Breakfast Club at Power 105.1 FM that he is currently working on a video game which involves taking his mother to heaven.

Geek February 23, 2015

New Video Game Hopes To Connect Iranians With International Gaming Community

'Seven Quests,' an online multiplayer game, will be released in a few months to connect Iranians with gamers worldwide.

Geek January 13, 2015

You Can Now Play 'Oregon Trail' And Other MS-DOS Classics Online For Free

Gamers who are fans of the classics can now play MS-DOS games online for free from any browser thanks to a new project to preserve games from the Internet Archive.

Geek January 6, 2015

'I Am Bread' Is A Really Weird Video Game About Our Favorite Carb

A new video game was released this week from Bossa Nova Studios which features a slice of bread as the leading star.

Geek December 7, 2014

Game Reviewer Contacts Moms After Receiving Rape Threats From Sons

Australian video game reviewer and YouTube host took a stand against trolls by contacting the mothers of boys who have sent her offensive messages.

Internet Culture December 1, 2014

Intel pulls ads from major site due to 'GamerGate' controversy

Intel has pulled advertisements from the game developer website Gamasutra. The move comes after an op-ed on the site caused some controversy among readers in August 2014.

Geek October 3, 2014

There are more adult women gamers than teen boys

Women are playing more games on computers, consoles and smartphones. The demographic of adult women gamers has increased more than males 18 and younger. Males still dominate the demographic as a whole, but developers are beginning to target more women gamers.

Geek August 25, 2014

Logitech unleashes furious mouse for the gaming crowd

Logitech is launching what it says is the fastest mouse on the market aimed at video gamers. The move should help players of first-person shooters have more speed and accuracy.

Video Games July 30, 2014

Video gamers are fun, family-focused and not the geeks you think

Today's gamers might not be the geeks of yesteryear. According to a new study, they are more socially aware and involved than their nongamer counterparts.

Society June 5, 2014

Mobile gamers play on the cheap, only 0.15 percent account for half of all game sales

With the vast majority of all gamers never spending a nickel after downloading a free game, freemium game publishers have to have a laser-like focus on their target audience to generate any revenue. A report by SWRVE noted that only 1.5 percent of all gamers ever upgrade a free game and less than 1 percent are responsible for most game revenue.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech February 28, 2014

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