Snapchat App Keeps on Crashing Due to New Update – How to Fix
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Snapchat's new feature now brings out a popular Instagram feature, Poll!

Users will be able to ask followers to help them make decisions or give them answers through a new sticker feature, which is the poll.

Snapchat Gets Facebook Feature

The new feature has mostly been seen on Facebook and Instagram, and is finally making its way to Snapchat.

Snapchat, mostly popular for its vanishing stories after 24 hours, made moments captured have more value due to impermanence. With the new feature, users will be able to ask their followers questions within the timeframe of a particular story.

Despite a slight decline in popularity last 2018, the social media platform has been rising ever since 2019, and has finally reached a whopping 280 million active daily users during the first quarter of 2021.

According to the data shown in, Snapchat has reportedly grown from just 46 million active daily users during the first quarter of 2014, up to 280 million daily users this 2021.

Snapchat Founder Evan Spiegel Net Worth

Even the one year growth for active daily users is very impressive as the social media platform grew from 229 million active daily users during the firstquarter of 2020 until hitting the 280 million daily users in 2021.

The rise of Snapchat has made its founder, Evan Spiegel, become one of the richest social media entrepreneurs in the world. 

As of the moment, Evan Spiegel sits at Forbes' richest man in the world's list at number 197. Although this might seem far from the top spot, the social media entrepreneur is currently worth $12.6 billion today.

Spiegel actually became a billionaire at the early age of 25 thanks to the popularity of Snapchat.

Surveys Turned Into Polls

Surveys have actually started to become popular as a way for people to engage with their followers at a massive scale.

When used on social media, the "poll" becomes more of a fun and entertaining feature than what normal surveys are like. While a lot of surveys are for the purpose of academic or data analysis, polls on social media can have a different use.

Users can simply use the poll feature to ask followers questions like what color should they dye their hair, should they go to the movies or stay at home, or maybe something like "is DC better than Marvel.?"

The opportunities to explore go on and on as the popular feature becomes more user friendly.

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Snapchat New Feature - Polls

The new feature was shown by a popular leaker @alex193a, who showed a screenshot of what looks like a new sticker on Snapchat. There was no confirmation, however, as to whether or not the feature is already available for all Snapchat users. 

For those that are interested in trying this feature out, simply go to Snapchat and try the feature out. If the feature is not yet available, it might be wise to wait for the official announcement of the roll out.

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