Windows 11 Received Harsh Criticism Without Even Launching
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Windows 11 has not yet been launched, and is expected to come out on June 23, but the operating system has already received some harsh feedback.

The feedback goes far enough to call the update "garbage."

Windows 11 Launching Soon

Microsoft is going to say goodbye to its Windows 10 as the Windows 11 is expected to launch.

The official Redmond firm is now expected to reveal everything during another major keynote with a leak that already confirms the new operating system. Windows Latest revealed that Microsoft had "accidentally" published a brand new support document showing the name "Windows 11."

It is now also known that Microsoft will be ending its support for the Windows 10 this 2025, which now shows that it is being replaced with something new, according to the story by the BBC.

Since the leak started, millions have seen the clips, and some don't seem that happy with the new design.

Windows 11 Harsh Criticism

According to the article by, a commenter went as far as saying the new OS has "just garbage design," while another expressed confusion as to what was the point of calling it 11.

The commenter noted that it is basically just Windows 10 under there, and all of the legacy code of the previous 30 years.

The criticism continued to ask why there is a need for round corners when about "98% of screens" are already using hard corners. Some other Windows 10 users are now venting their frustration when it comes to losing the current software to one that says "wasn't Windows 10 supposed to be" Microsoft's "latest version?"

Windows 11 vs. MacOS

One of the major issues being complained about is the decision of Microsoft to move its famous "Start Menu" from the left side to the screen's middle. This has reportedly left a number of users confused with the company's decision.

The large question posed was why would Microsoft decide to change its position just now when it has always been in the lower corner for the past three whole decades.

Another user questioned the decision, asking what kind of joke it was to move the "Start Menu" from the corner to the middle and calling it Windows 11. Another user compared the new update to MacOS, saying the user would completely skip the Windows 11 in favor of the Windows 12.

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The user then noted that if they wanted to use something that looks similar to the MacOS, they would have decided to just easily buy a Mac and "not this half-baked imitation."

Of course, what the commenters saw were sourced from leaks.

Users have to wait until the official Microsoft live streaming to see what exactly can they expect of the upcoming Windows 11. The kick off is expected to take place at 4PM BST and more details of the upcoming Windows 11 are now being expected.

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