Apple Leak Suggests Cheaper 6.7-inch iPhone This Coming 2022
(Photo : Screenshot From Apple Official Website) Apple Leak Suggests Cheaper 6.7-inch iPhone This Coming 2022

An Apple leak suggested that there could be a cheaper 6.7-inch iPhone coming this 2022.

Apple's iPhone lineup could be a really big shake-up in the coming year. Although this isn't a confirmation, the leak was passed on by a popular leaker, giving it at least a little shred of credibility.

Apple Leak comes from Ming-Chi Kuo

According to an Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, via 9to5Mac, the company plans to launch two different high-end iPhones and two different low-end iPhones this 2022.

The two categories, however, would also come in two different sizes. One of them would be the 6.1-inch, while the other would be a 6.7-inch display.

The possible naming for these upcoming phones could be called the iPhone 14, the iPhone 14 Pro, the iPhone 14 Max, and another iPhone 14 Pro Max. It is actually in contrast with the current lineup, which would consist of the iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 mini, the iPhone 12 Pro, and another iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The "mini" iPhone now seems to be going away, according to Kuo's long-time statements.

Apple iPhone New Upgrades

According to the story by Mashable, this is a really big deal for people who generally enjoy big phones but still don't want to spend way too much on a phone as they will be able to finally get a new cheaper 6.7-inch iPhone, which Kuo says might just cost under $900.

Although this can still be considered a high price for a smartphone, for an Apple phone, however, this would still be considered quite affordable.

Kuo also claimed that some of the upcoming 2022 iPhones would be getting new under-display fingerprint sensors and some major camera upgrades to 48-megapixels. The under-display fingerprint sensors will be using Apple's very own technology. The 48-megapixels will only be for the Pro models.

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iPhone SE and iPhone Mini

As noted by MacRumors, Kuo also shared a couple of thoughts when it came to the new iPhone SE, which is also coming out during the 1st half of 2022.

He also noted that it will have roughly around the same design as the now existing iPhone SE. There will, however, be a new processor as well as 5G support.

Kuo also noted that Apple will market it as what would be known as the "cheapest 5G phone ever." It would then mean it would cost cheaper than the affordable iPhone 12 mini, which currently has a price tag of $699.

Of course, before something happens, Apple still has to launch the upcoming iPhone 13, which is expected to happen this fall.

The changes won't be as drastic as some people might think, with the iPhone mini remaining a part of the lineup. Other rumored improvements include some faster chips, better cameras, and maybe a smaller notch.

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