REvil Ransomware Gang Strikes Again, Attacking FCUK Fashion Label
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The United Kingdom-based French Connection clothing company called FCUK has recently experienced a ransomware attack. The cybercrime is said to be linked with the infamous, notorious ransomware gang -- REvil.

What is FCUK?

A UK-based clothing company known as FCUK was recently added to the list of ransomware victims of 2021. The cyber attack was done by the big-time hacking group that goes by the name "REvil." 

In 1972, chief executive Stephen Marks founded the company. He named it "French Connection," and it started to make a name for itself after adopting the slogan "FCUK." 

How REvil Hacked FCUK

According to French Connection via The Register, the attack primarily started once the REvil gang entered its back-end servers. It is responsible for controlling the company's internal systems and operations, which means that the hacker could get a hold of the entire company's lifeline.

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What Data Did REvil Ransomware Gang Get?

The attackers found it relatively easy to spot minor security vulnerabilities within the French Connection clothing line's back-end systems. Because of this, the ransomware gang was able to get away with a plethora of internal company data.

Subsequently, the ransomware attackers successfully hacked into FCUK's internal network. 

Furthermore, The Register also reported that the REvil ransomware gang used scans of employee passports and other identification cards. The victims cover a wide range of all staff members, which included executive officials.

Chief operating officer Neil Williams, Chief financial official Lee Williams, and even Chief executive officer Stephen Marks are among the staff members whose data have been stolen.

What's Next for FCUK?

Cyber Daily said that FCUK has already acknowledged and addressed the attack, saying that they were the target of an organized cyber-attack

The clothing retailer also confirmed that, luckily, its front-end servers, especially the ones for online payments, were not affected by the ransomware incident.

According to FCUK, the IT team immediately took action as soon as they became aware of the data breach attack. They started to suspend all affected systems, and engaged with third-party experts to find an immediate resolution to the attack.

The company added that it is now actively working to finally restore all of its systems that went down as safely and quickly as possible. 

They also mentioned that they have also started using manual overrides to ensure that the entire corporation operates.

REvil Ransomware Gang's Usual Scheme

The REvil ransomware gang typically sells the data that they have stolen to the victims. They issue a ransom demand in return for keeping the victim's data intact

However, law enforcement continues to warn companies and individuals that they should not give in to the ransomware scheme as much as possible.

Since 2020, there have been hundreds of cyber attacks that were reported, especially as the COVID-19 pandemic pushed corporations and businesses to adopt a remote working setup, and relied heavily on the internet to continue their operations.

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