Snapchat App Keeps on Crashing Due to New Update – How to Fix
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Snapchat app crashes because the application's recent update has bugs. Snapchat says that you have to download the latest update to stop it from crashing.

Why is Snapchat Crashing?

The Snapchat app continues to crash upon being launched, and it has already annoyed multiple users. It seems that the application's faulty malfunction stems from its recent maintenance update.

In a report, Apple Insider mentioned that Snapchat's most recent iOS update on June 28 with version is the main culprit for the app's multiple crashes.

The maintenance update seeks to fix several bug issues, but it turns out that it would cause more damage than good.

Snapchat Keeps Crashing

The Snapchat app's crashing issue came to light as soon as numerous Snapchat users tweeted that they cannot open the app on their mobile devices.

The app displayed a "something went wrong, please try again later" alert whenever users try to use the app - before instantly crashing.

  As seen on the screen recording, the user's (@strawberrywell) app cannot open properly. Jacob Andreou, Snapchat's senior vice president of product, replied to Mitchell Clark's tweet, saying that the bug should already be fixed by now - next to a smiling, sweaty face emoji,

@naijaqueenxx also took to Twitter and stated that if Snapchat crashes another time, she would be losing her mind.

However, it seems that most users still have a bit of humor after seeing posts like @laamvishuu's

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How is Snapchat Handling the Issue?

Snapchat's support team confirmed that the company is already aware of the issue in light of the recent bug. The app stated that it is looking into the matter and working on a remedy.

Apple Insider said that the updated version of Snapchat's bug-fixing update will be available soon and that users should not update their apps until a remedy has been released.

On the other hand, Gizmodo reported that it is more likely that the new patch will be fast-tracked because of the significant number of affected Snapchat users. At this point, the company has to take good care of its remaining users.

How to Fix Snapchat Bug?

The latest version of the Snapchat update has been intruded on by a bug. It forces the app to malfunction by continuously crashing upon being launched. However, Snapchat has already found a way to combat the issue.

Gizmodo stated that a patch update was released in the Apple App Store to remedy the app's faulty update. The bug only seems to affect Apple products because Android users reported no launching and using the app.

You may fix the issue by downloading the latest update.

If your phone did not automatically update the app, you might follow the following steps:

  • Open the App Store and look for Snapchat
  • Pull down your display photo located in the top right corner of the app
  • Look for the most recent update for Snapchat and click "update."

Here's to more Snapchat selfies!

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