Elon Musk Life-Size Statue Situated In Manhattan Receives Online Attention, Resulting in Mockery and Gags
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Social media is a place where beautiful things happen, such as sharing information with family and friends, keeping in touch with loved ones, and posting photos of our daily lives.

However, it can also be a scary place because of online bashing and mocking.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is no beginner when it comes to online parody, but he usually posts funny memes and quirky remarks on his infamous Twitter account.

But recently, he became the target of social media's fierceness -- or at least, his statue.

Elon Musk Statue in Manhattan

To commemorate the popular CEO's 50th birthday on June 28, a life-size bronze statue was unveiled in Manhattan. It celebrates the billionaire's brilliance and half a century's worth of life.

Despite his birthday, people all over Twitter could not help but mock the statue.

Musk's life-size sculpture arrived in Manhattan on Monday, June 28, by Public.com. The investing website tweeted that whether you love or hate Musk, he still turned 50 on Monday.

The website also gave away 100 pieces of tiny Elon Musk statues and mentioned that what users do with their mini Musk's would be up to the owner.

Public.com also tweeted a photo, saying that Muk's ambition (and maybe ego) is not small. They decided to drop a life-size sculpture on 14th Street in New York City.

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What made the situation better is that interested buyers could purchase the statue. It will be auctioned off, and all of the proceeds will be received by the First Generation Investors.

Response On Musk's Statue

The statue received a lot of online attention, and social media users unleashed their fierceness by mocking the sculpture non-stop.

Tweets poured under Public.com's announcement, saying various things like "thanks for installing a new public washroom" and more.

A Twitter user replied that he can place it on his desk and that it would be the perfect expression as the Tesla CEO says, "wtf is this guy doing."

Another user said that it is located close to the Hudson River, which is quite convenient. It seems that the user is suggesting that it would be easy to throw the statue in the river -- as a joke.

Some users also ridiculed Public.com because they made a random statue and tried to pass it as Elon Musk.

The hyperactivity that Musk's life-size statue received online incredibly reflects his influence over Twitter users.

Elon Musk's Birthday

According to News Sky, Tesla CEO Elon Musk originated from Pretoria, South Africa. He is currently the third-richest man globally thanks to Tesla's value. He is the CEO of two thriving companies: Tesla and SpaceX. He is famous for his fascination with electric vehicles, space, and crypto.

On his 50th birthday, his mother posted a photo of the CEO safely nestled in the arms of her mom, Maye Musk.

Musk replied with a red heart emoji.

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