A free-to-play mobile game Contra Returns, is coming to mobile and finally to the United States-- thanks to Konami and Tencent's TiMi Studios. 

'Contra Returns' Release Date And Other Details

The U.S. release date will be on July 26. The game, on the other hand, has been released since 2017. It's not just releasing for the U.S., but the whole Western hemisphere as well. Such as the United Kingdom, Europe, and of course, Latin America. 

The game has over 200 levels in total and already has updated graphics. Say hello to new and returning characters from the Contra series that are all playable and ready to win the day. There already is an official trailer released on YouTube to give fans something to water their mouths at. 

You can currently pre-register for the highly anticipated game on iOS and Android to receive special awards waiting for you when it officially releases on July 26.

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Contra Returns Mobile Game Review

Konami has originally partnered with Tencent to bring the widely popular Contra I.P. to the mobile platform. You can play amongst four characters that have their own special abilities. The PvE story is intense, to say the least, and has hours of fun gameplay to be had. 

There is also a PvP aspect of the game which pits a team of three against another team of the same number. The players would appreciate the key features as the stages are as intense as the original game, Gear Up system, which lets you acquire different kinds of gears with varying rarities and enhancements and evolving.

As for the Gear Up system, each character can have up to six slots available for armor and three for weapons. Gather EXP tickets to evolve the gear and make them even more powerful. 

Fans seemed to resonate well with the game as it faithfully imitates the Contra of old and placed a fresh coat of paint on it to make it more appealing for new users. The levels are still as difficult as you remember, and playing with friends is still a blast worthy of a multiplayer game. Even in a single-player, you would feel challenged even more so.

'Contra Returns' Back Story

Back in 2017, the success of Contra Returns gave life to an English-language release for South East Asia. TiMi has successfully brokered a gaming partnership with Xbox and planned on a bigger market hence the Western hemisphere release date. 

There has been a lot of success within the use of the Contra I.P., such as Contra: Rogue Corps and Contra Anniversary Collection in 2019. The most recent, Contra: Rogue Corps was released in 2019 and is available on Windows, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and the PlayStation 4.

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