"Marvel Future Revolution" opened its pre-registration to Android and iOS users on June 29. 

According to Android Central, the upcoming game is the first open-world action RPG of Marvel. Additionally, Netmarble Games helped the comic book giant develop the new mobile game. 

Marvel Future Revolution Opens Android, iOS Pre-Registration — Sign Up to Get In-Game Rewards, Exclusive Skins
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'Marvel Future Revolution' Pre-Registration 

Registered users will not only get priority access to the game, they are treated with exciting in-game rewards and exclusive skins for the initial characters as well. 

Fans of the Marvel franchise could pre-register at the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. 

'Marvel Future Revolution:' What to Expect? 

The "Marvel Future Revolution" allows its players to turn into their famous characters from the Avengers. The game initially includes Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, Star-Lord, and Captain Marvel, as per CBR.

Marvel Future Revolution Opens Android, iOS Pre-Registration — Sign Up to Get In-Game Rewards, Exclusive Skins
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However, Netmarble still plans to launch other characters in future updates, together with additional regions and other content. So, if your favorite Marvel character did not make it to the initial list, there's still some hope. 

The "Marvel Future Revolution," the sequel of "Marvel  Future Fight," previously teased a new Spider-man and a Captain America suit last March 1, 2020.

'Marvel Future Revolution:' Story 

The RPG game follows an original plot wherein Tony Stark and Hank Pym's attempts to stop two alternate worlds from crashing with each other failed. Thus, creating a combined alternate universe called the Primary Earth. 

The new Earth will be the home of various regions, including the Sakaar, Xandearth, Midgardia, Hydra Empire, wherein Hydra is in power, and a New Stark City. 

'Marvel Future Revolution:' Game Modes 

The game is also sporting numerous action-packed game modes, one of which will even allow a total of 50 players. 

The mode which allows four players are the Blitz/Raid and Special Operations. Another mode, called Omega War, supports 10v10 PvP. Lastly, the Dark Zone is a combat area that could possibly fit up to 50 characters at once.

Aside from the multiplayer options, users could also opt to play in 1v1 matches. 

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'Marvel Future Revolution:' Skins 

Netmarble boasted that there are a whopping 400 million combinations for cosmetics. Meanwhile, Players cop skins after completing each game. 

Plus, diehard fans are also in for a treat as most of the costumes that the game characters will be sporting are directly from the comic pages of Marvel. Although, designs exclusive to the game are likely to happen too. 

Furthermore, the President of Netmarble US, Simon Sim, assured that "Marvel diehards" and "casual mobile gamers" will enjoy the RPG gameplay starring Marvel Studios characters.  

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