Google Pay has recently revealed a service for its Android platform where it can save and store digital COVID-19 Vaccination Cards. The tech will be ready to have it shown at local establishments any time.

This could work especially if the said establishment or public place has an API or application programming interface that would communicate with each other and show the certification. 

In this age, almost everything is digital, from payments in between purchases, and even money with the digital blockchain form of coins, cryptocurrency. 

Google Pay Digital Vaccination Cards

Google Pay Vaccination Cards
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Google Pay Vaccination Cards on Android Phones to store and bring everywhere.

According to Google's developer release, the company has passed the API on having Google Play store digital records of vaccination cards and testing information on the app, instead of carrying around a card. This means that Google Pay can now act more than as a payment channel for digital transactions, but also as a sort of badge. 

Not only will vaccination cards be the only focus of this, but also testing information or proof that the person is negative from COVID-19 via saliva, RT-PCR test, or other testing methods. 

However, the main highlight of this would still be the vaccination cards, which were initially raised to be easily lost as it is either a small card or a large card that is a physical paper copy. Either it gets easily misplaced or thrown away by people, and there have been a lot of options regarding it to be a wearable option like a wristband

However, this option will only be available on Android smartphones, and via Google Play. It is not sure whether establishments accept it being saved via phone scanners or as an image from the gallery, but it is also worth bringing every time. 

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How to Store Digital Vaccination Cards on Google Pay

Instead of the regular card storing option of Google Pay, it would use the "Passes API," where it can store different types of passes, including the COVID-19 vaccination cards of the present day. Sure, having the vaccine is a massive flex for those who believe in the power of immunization, and having proof of it ensures one of being safe around others. 

The feature is fairly easy to be used, as it features a point-and-shoot method on Google Pay. However, it requires the device to be Android 5 or higher, to store the vaccine card. Using Google Pay's Android App, scan the vaccine card and have it stored under passes. 

Then it would either be shareable, scannable, and viewable by different users upon need. 

Can This be Used for COVID-19 Vaccination Cards Only?

The new Passes API of Google Pay was launched amidst the COVID-19 season, where vaccination is already the main focus of the country. And while this highly centers on COVID-19 vaccinations, users can also use it to store other vaccination cards of their liking, for either storage or API-sharing purposes. 

However, the only relevant vaccine to be shown amongst public establishments which require it is for COVID-19. But having a shot for flu and its certification is also good to assure more of other people. 

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