BlueMagic Group Offers Free Consultation with Experts to Clear Your Doubts about Hair Transplantation
(Photo : BlueMagic Group Offers Free Consultation with Experts to Clear Your Doubts about Hair Transplantation)

Getting a hair transplant is a serious decision, and the decision to go for the medical procedure comes with various concerns. Apprehensions about the whole procedure and results are normal. BlueMagic Group, a clinic specializing in hair transplants, apprehends these concerns by offering a free consultation with experts.

One concern that people have is whether the procedure is painful.  BlueMagic Group clarifies that a local anesthesia is administered to numb the area, similar to any other surgery. Once the anesthesia starts working, there is no pain experienced during the FUE hair transplant. Regarding concerns about costs, BlueMagic Group emphasizes that its charges are 70% less than other hair transplant clinics in the US, Italy, or the UK. This is in addition to zero compromises on quality.

Some people are worried about the duration this treatment takes. Due to the advanced technologies and state-of-art equipment used at the clinic, the procedure only takes one day. The patient is then able to trim back hair 12 months after the procedure has been done. Some people have concerns about whether there are some foods they should avoid before the Sapphire FUE surgery. For ten days before the hair transplant, one should avoid consuming alcohol, smoking cigarettes, or taking any other stimulants. Then, there are concerns about where the hair follicles will be transplanted from. For each hair transplant procedure done at BlueMagic Group, the clinic uses your body hair. The donor area could be at the nape of the neck, back of your head, or a portion where one's hair growth is healthy. BlueMagic Group offers a lifetime warranty, assuring clients that hair will not fall out again.

BlueMagic Group is a global award-winning hair transplant clinic founded in 2011 by Pasquale Minasi, its current CEO. The clinic's head consultancy office is based in London, the UK, and it has medical offices in Istanbul and Tirana. The operations are run at JCI-accredited hospitals, and every treatment is conducted as per the top most industrial standards. So far, the clinic has accomplished more than 21000 successful operations.

Along with a group of internationally certified surgeons, BlueMagic Group is committed to delivering a magical transformation to clients through a specialized hair transplant. The clinic offers a free consultation with experts to clear any doubts surrounding hair transplantation.

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