iOS 14.6 Battery Issue Quick Fix | Everything You Need to Know
(Photo : Screenshot From Apple Official Website) iOS 14.6 Battery Issue Quick Fix | Everything You Need to Know

iOS 14.6 battery issue quick fix spotted online. The Apple iOS 14.6 is bringing some new features just like another way for users to find some lost AirTag trackers, some high-fidelity Apple Music support, and even the launch of the Apple Podcast subscriptions and the Apple Card Family.

Apple Battery Issue | Draining Battery Life

Several users have reported a problem with their device's battery draining very quickly ever since their upgrade. This was first reported by a particular tech blog called PiunikaWeb.

According to the story by CNet, iPhone users have reportedly taken to the Apple Support Community forums and Twitter to note certain problems when it comes to excessive battery drain. A sister site by CNet, ZDNet, suggests that there is a solution to this problem.

Apple iOS 14.6 Battery Issue Quick Fix

According to ZDNet, users should go to Settings, then Battery, and scroll down to check the battery usage app in order to check if there are any apps as the culprit. There are many people on the whole Apple forums that have also noted that the podcast app will consume a large amount of power ever since it updated the Apple iOS 14.6.

The solution for this is that users can try to uninstall and reinstall the app to see if this could help the whole battery issue. Apple, as of the moment, hasn't really given a public acknowledgment as to the issue. CNet also noted that Apple also did not give a response to their request for comment.

How to Install iOS 14.6 for iPhone

For those that haven't experienced this problem and still want to try out the Apple iOS 14.6, the following steps can be followed.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on General
  3. Click on Software Update
  4. Look for the iOS 14.6
  5. Click on Download and Install

Through following this simple method, users will be able to get the Apple iOS 14.6 on their iPhones. As of the moment, since Apple hasn't officially announced the issue, there is still a possibility that the issue could be an isolated event.

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Contact Apple if the Quick Fix Does Not Work

Of course, it could also be that Apple is yet to announce the issue as well. For iPhone users willing to test out if the issue is real, it would be better to install iOS 14.6 to test and see if there is really an issue.

For those, however, that have tried out the iOS 14.6 and have experienced the same issue, either try the quick fix above or maybe report the problem to Apple. Contacting Apple might also give users a better suggestion on how they can fix the problem at hand and whether it is related to the Apple iOS 14.6.

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