Summer Games Done Quick 2021, an online video game speed run a charity event, has announced its dates and schedules.

The event, which will start on July 4, will feature more than 150 continuous hours of top-level speed runs and gameplay showcases.

Summer Games Done Quick 2021 Schedule

The annual event attracts the best streamers to finish video games as fast as possible to raise money for charity, according to NME. 

The Summer Games Done Quick 2021 will donate all of its proceeds to the Doctors Without Borders organization.

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The event will run from July 4 to July 11, and the schedule is as follows:

  • On July 4 at 11:30 PM Eastern Standard Time, the pre-show will begin and will last for two hours.
  • On July 5, the event will run from 12:00 AM to 11:30 PM Eastern Standard Time
  • On July 6, the event will run from 12:37 AM to 11:41 PM Eastern Standard Time
  • On July 7, the event will run from 12:26 AM to 8:22 PM Eastern Standard Time
  • On July 8, the event will run from 2:38 AM to 11:08 PM Eastern Standard Time
  • On July 9, the event will run from 12:18 AM to 10:26 PM Eastern Standard Time
  • On July 10, the event will run from 12:21 AM to 11:32 PM Eastern Standard Time
  • On July 11, the event will run from 12:25 AM to 1:33 PM Eastern Standard Time

The marathon runs every hour of every day until the event is over. The list of speed runs that will be featured during the event can be found on Summer Games Done Quick's official website.

Event Highlights

The highlights of the Summer Games Done Quick 2021 include a perfect-score "GeoGuessr" playthrough to be done by havrd, a run of "Ghosts 'N Goblins Resurrection" by TheMexicanRunner, a "Super Metroid" race between players Behemoth87, Oatsngoats, and ShinyZeni.

A blindfolded playthrough of "Super Mario 64" by Bubzia, and a four-way "Ristar" race between players Lizstar, chronoon, Haram_Scaram, and ShimeGabriel are also anticipated.

In 2020, Summer Games Done Quick raised $2.3 million for Doctors Without Border. Most of the revenue generated from viewers only, as streaming platforms allow the content creators to monetize their streams by adding ads to their videos.

This means that as a viewer, it is easy to help and donate, as all you'll need to do is to watch the event's streaming on the official Games Done Quick Twitch channel and support your favorite gamer.

Aside from the different speed runs scheduled to be featured in the event, the Summer Games Done Quick 20201 will also include co-op and competitive challenges, with numerous different games streamed during the event's seven-day marathon.

The week-long Summer Games Done Quick 2021 Online gaming event will feature both AAA classics such as "Super Mario Odyssey," "Shadow of the Colossus," "Untitled Goose Game," "James Bond 007: Nightfire," "The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages," "Batman: The Video Game," and "Sundered."

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