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Awesome Games Done Quick 2018 Raises $2.27 Million For Charity, But This New Record Might Not Last Long

Awesome Games Done Quick 2018, an event that featured nonstop, 24/7 speedruns, raised $2.27 million in donations for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. The amount is a new record, but it will likely not last long.

Video Games January 15, 2018

Goldeneye 007 Speedrunning Record Finally Broken After 15 Years: Here's How It Happened

Speedrunner Karl Jobst finally broke the 15-year record for the completion time of the Dam stage of 'Goldeneye 007' for the Nintendo 64. According to Jobst, it took him 250 hours of gameplay to beat the record.

Video Games December 4, 2017

This Speedrunner Took 17 Hours To Hit 100 Percent In ‘Super Mario Odyssey’: Can You Beat His Record?

The bar has been set. Speedrunner Okikurume managed to get 100 percent in 'Super Mario Odyssey' after playing for 17 hours straight, collecting everything there was to collect, including moons, costumes, songs, and more.

Video Games November 13, 2017

'Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus' Finished In Under 80 Minutes: Here's How The Speedrunner Did It

DraQu, a speedrunner from Finland, finished 'Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus' in just under 80 minutes. He now holds the record for beating the controversial anti-Nazi first-person shooter at the fastest time.

Video Games October 29, 2017

Summer Games Done Quick 2017 Speedrun Event Ends, Sets New Record Of Raising $1.7 Million For Charity

Summer Games Done Quick 2017 has now concluded, racking up just a few hundred thousand dollars short of $2 million. This year’s charitable speedrunning marathons brought more donations than last year’s event.

Video Games July 10, 2017

Awesome Games Done Quick 2017 Breaks Record, Raises $2.2 Million For Fight Against Cancer

The Awesome Games Done Quick 2017 was able to smash its previous record of amount raised for charity. The speedrunning event drew more than 43,000 donations overall and will benefit the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

Gadgets January 15, 2017

There's A New World Record For Speedrunning 'Super Mario Bros.'

One speedrunner has broken his previous world record time and is now declaring that his quest is over.

Geek April 14, 2016

Watch One Speedrunner Annihilate The Toughest 'Super Mario Bros. 3' Hack Ever

The 'Kaizo' Super Mario hacks are almost impossible to complete without help, and the idea of speedrunning one seems like a fantasy ... and yet, one dedicated gamer managed to do it.

Geek January 8, 2016

Watch This Gamer Insanely Speedrun Through 'Stepmania'

Although gaming speedrunners are known for their ability to play video games faster than most normal people, one player managed to do an insanely fast speedrun through rhythm game 'Stepmania.'

Geek January 8, 2016

Gamer Sets New 'Fallout 3' Speedrun World Record At 14 Minutes

'Fallout 3' is a massive game, one that's designed for hundreds of hours of play ... and one speedrunner just completed it in 14 minutes.

Geek January 4, 2016

Gamer Beats 'Fallout 4' In Little Over An Hour

There's a new world record to beat for completing 'Fallout 4': by exploiting glitches in the game, a speedrunning gamer managed to beat the title in just a little over an hour.

Geek December 14, 2015

Someone Just Beat 'The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time' Blindfolded

'The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time' is a truly timeless game - and someone just managed to beat it blindfolded. Never underestimate a Nintendo fan.

Geek October 26, 2015

There's A New 'Super Mario Bros.' Speedrun World Record

Considering the game is more than 30 years old, it's no surprise that some players can blaze through 'Super Mario Bros.' with no trouble - but the new World Record run is something to behold.

Geek October 19, 2015

This Guy Beat 'The Legend Of Zelda' Swordless, In One Hour

It's impressive enough that he beat the original 'Legend of Zelda' game in just an hour. To really push things over the top, this speedrunner did it without Link's most important weapon: his sword.

Geek August 1, 2015

Speedrunner Finishing 'Super Mario World' In 23 Minutes While Blindfolded Is Completely Insane

If you thought finishing 'Super Mario World' in 23 minutes was hard enough, try doing it without being able to see the screen.

Geek June 23, 2015

Player Completes 'Fallout: New Vegas' In 24 Minutes, Sets New World Record

Every game in the 'Fallout' franchise is huge, and 'Fallout: New Vegas' is no different. That's what makes beating the game in less than half an hour (a new World Record) so ridiculously impressive.

Geek June 6, 2015

New World Record (Accidentally) Set For 'Super Mario 64'

World Records typically aren't that easy to break, and setting one accidentally sounds impossible...but that's exactly how a new 'Super Mario 64' record was set.

Geek February 27, 2015

Mario Speedrunner Reprograms 'Super Mario World' Just By Playing It, Sets New World Record

Mario speedrunner Jeffw356 can finish 'Super Mario World' without ever fighting Bowser by reprogramming the game. But he isn't hacking -- he's just playing.

Geek January 22, 2015

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