Finger Lakes was claimed by locals to being destroyed as of the moment, and they have been pointing out to the leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and its mining plant near the area. Residents have been blaming Bitcoin for the changes in the lake, and these said locals have been experiencing a new kind of warmth in the lake, which was never before felt or experienced. 

In other countries like in Latin America's El Salvador, Bitcoin is a celebrated cryptocurrency where it is fully embraced by its government, going as far as giving people $30 worth of the coins, and having ATMs for it

Is Finger Lakes Being Destroyed?

Locals Say Bitcoin Mining is Destroying Finger Lakes
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CON ED OFFICES, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES - 2016/05/16: Communities across New York are fighting to protect themselves from an onslaught of fracked natural gas pipelines, storage, and power plants, said Irene Weiser, a town councilmember in the Finger Lakes region and organizer of Fossil Free Tompkins.

According to NBC News, locals near the region of the Finger Lakes have been protesting during the start of this Summer season for the alleged effects of the Bitcoin mining plant near the area. Locals claim that the mining plant is powered by gas and fire power plant, which burns a massive amount of fuel to power its mining transactions for the coin. 

What does this mean? It means that a full-blown mining plant has been working itself off, and it has created a lot of attention for residents or concerned citizens in the area where the plant is located.

The people say that the mining plant is polluting the air and affecting the ecosystem around the lake, which also destroys the popular Finger Lakes of New York. 

Additionally, the use of the nearby towns' resources like electricity and fossil fuel for power generation was amped up because of the demands of the said Bitcoin mining plant.

According to Cornell's research, the Finger Lakes recently had an alert where it is experiencing warmer temperatures and part of it was due to HABs or harmful algal blooms. 

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Does Bitcoin Mining Near Finger Lakes Destroy it?

Bitcoin Mining
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Currently, Bitcoin mining is known to take massive chunks of the region's energy and resources, with several cases of it contributing to air pollution. However, no links or research may point out to it being the sole destroyer or cause of the Finger Lakes' warming and changes. 

It is important to study whether the Bitcoin mining plant owned by Atlas Holdings contributes to the demise of the Finger Lakes so that future actions against or for it would be clear to everyone, especially residents. Additionally, it is widely known that Bitcoin indeed does a toll on the environment because of its mining procedures and methods. 

Bitcoin and Pollution

Bitcoin has been long attributed to pollution and was also highlighted to be users of traditional methods of power generation like coal and gas. 

This was one of the reasons why Elon Musk and Tesla have initially suspended BTC from being traded and used by the company, especially after learning that it uses coal power for most of its mining procedures. Pollution is a sensitive topic in the current society, especially as the world is fighting against Climate Change and Global Warming. 

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