Stock Market Today | Should You Buy Nintendo or Activision?
(Photo : Screenshot From Pexels Official Website) Stock Market Today | Should You Buy Nintendo or Activision?

Stock market today is hard to navigate around due to the vast amount of different stock offerings in the market. Experts suggest that individuals should invest in companies that they understand and for gamers, this means companies like Activision or Nintendo. The question is, which one of the two is better to invest in?

Which Stock Is Better? Activision or Nintendo?

According to, there has been a massively rising demand for game consoles as well as other in-game purchases that have been able to help the whole video game industry generate an unprecedented growth despite the unexpected COVID-19 pandemic. The number of "gamers" or people that have started gaming have seen a significant and also somewhat unexpected rise despite the pandemic.

Furthermore, the article described that they think their efforts in building the new next-generation product portfolios by collaborating with the strong leading companies should keep both NTDOY and ATVI in the forefront of the whole video gaming revolution. The article then tackled which stock is a better pick as of the moment.

Activision Blizzard Inc. Vs. Nintendo Co. Ltd.

The article then describes Activision Blizzard Inc. or NASDAQ:ATVI is located in Santa Monica California and is a publisher and developer of interactive content and services. The products of the company stretch through a number of gaming platforms through subscriptions, in-game, and full game sales. This also includes licensing software to other third-party or related-party companies that all distribute Activision and Blizzard products as well.

Over in Kyoto, the Japan-based Nintendo Co. Ltd. or OTC: NTDOY develops, manufactures, and even distributes different electronic entertainment products all over the world. The company also offers video game platforms, playing cards, Karuta, and even other portable and home console hardware as well as a number of other related softwares.

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Gaming Market Growth

Growing the monthly active users through the pandemic-driven remote lifestyles have been able to boost the performance of the whole video gaming industry over the course of the past year. The successful launch of Microsoft's Xbox Series X and Sony's PlayStation 5 last year has been able to increase total investor optimism about the industry's massively growing prospects, of course, Nintendo has its Nintendo Switch as well.

The article by Investing finally gives a note that due to the strong vaccination drive finally freeing consumers to once again choose other forms of entertainment, new developments are currently being made by video game companies in order to help virtual reality as well as 5G technology keep the industry growing. The mobile gaming market is also expected to grow by a 12.6% CARG between the year 2021 and 2026.

The article finally notes that both ATVI and NTDOY should be able to benefit from the whole industry tailwinds.

According to Stocknews, ATVI now appears to be a better buy based on different analysts' sentiments and its higher profitability. Their research shows the odds of success increase if one actually bets on stocks through the Overall POWR Rating of Buy or even Strong Buy.

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