Ziotag, Inc, the tech pioneer making waves for its video platform augmented by artificial technology (AI), has announced its product availability in the Zoom App Marketplace.

Zoom users can now enjoy the Ziotag AI-driven video management capabilities. The popular videoconferencing app users can now automatically sort, classify, and tag their recorded video calls, meetings, and presentation. Through the Ziotag tool, recorded video material can be easily upgraded to offer a detailed, AI-driven index and table of contents for every presentation, every meeting.

Basically, with Ziotag now available on the Zoom space, employees and decision-makers can easily browse through the content of their recorded video content. The technological advancement presents a win-win scenario to all aspects of the company with its unprecedented accessibility and maneuverability for Zoom users and publishers.

Sample Interface for Ziotag on a YouTube Video
(Photo : Ziotag Youtube Channel)

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Improving The Remote Working Experience with AI

The partnership between the two technological pioneers comes when about 71% of employed adults in the United States are working remotely. While the coronavirus pandemic has necessitated remote work setups, together with restrictions on travel and in-person gatherings, it has also increased the need for relevant workplace solutions - those that allow employees to work as efficiently as they did before, even without having to go to the office. As most of the information relies on video conferencing calls, there is an untapped market for a system that allows easy and convenient searching for specific content through these files.

Ziotag employs its proprietary AI-driven solution to make this distance-enabled solution possible. Through a combination of machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), and optical character recognition (OCR), the New York-based tech leader empowers its users to quickly navigate through videos instead of guessing and skimming through videos manually - a particularly taxing move for video calls and meetings lasting for hours on end.

"Incidental Content in the form of live meetings and events is creating an information crisis as the tools to explore and engage with that content fall far short of what people need," shares Rob Savette, VP Enterprise of Market Development at Ziotag, in a company press release. "We are delighted for the opportunity to work with Zoom's video conferencing solutions and have the chance to bring Ziotag's innovative solutions to more customers than ever before."

One Ziotag client, Ken Adler, Principal of Digital Trust, Identity, and InfoSec, shares how he uses the tech to embed video clips augmented by AI technology into business documents. "The result has significantly increased the impact of my business communications. Ziotag for Zoom is a game-changer in improving workflow," he adds.

About Ziotag

Ziotag is the company behind the AI-driven video platform that creates segments from raw video files. It creates a transcript together with an actionable table of content, making each segment, each part of your video searchable. This, in turn, is summarized from the user's end into a table of contents, where links instantly take users to the part of the video they specifically need.

One of its recent endeavors is teaming up with the New York Distance Learning Association (NYDLA) to improve its existing video podcast program, "Coffee in the Clouds," and make its content even more accessible for users.

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