SpaceX Starship has a lot more purposes and discipline that it can do, apart from its known single launch to Mars. It could have a double tethered launch so that it can create artificial gravity. Apart from that, Elon Musk has also revealed a lot about what to do with the Stainless Steel spacecraft, including that of making its body a telescope.

SpaceX Starship
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The Starship has already had a successful landing with the SN15 prototype, and it would be the same one that would be put atop the Super Heavy Booster for its full-stack flight this July. What this means is that it would go further on to future missions, especially for its ultimate goal of heading to Mars, which is what it was built for.

SpaceX Starship Tethered to Create Artificial Gravity

In the recent series of tweets that the SpaceX CEO answered earlier today, Musk addressed a lot of insightful and interesting topics, which gives more information about the stainless steel spacecraft. The CEO (@elonmusk) answered a query by a fan who asked about the possibility of tethering another Starship to a launch to create artificial gravity.

Here, Musk responded "Yes," suggesting that it may be a plan of the company, and it might happen soon when the Starship is clear for its missions after the series of tests.

What the tethered spacecraft and launch would contribute is to create an artificial gravity that would help in stabilizing the Starship en route to Mars, making way for a more successful trip.

SpaceX and its CEO have not been clear about what methods would they use when launching the Starship, and the possibilities are endless, as there are a lot of takes or maneuvers.

Currently, nothing is confirmed by Musk or SpaceX about what launch tactic it would use.

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Starship as Telescope

In another tweet, Musk revealed something rather odd with the SpaceX Starship's purpose, as its body was initially proposed to clients to make it a telescope, which could stay extensively in space. The CEO said that he initially discussed it with Saul Perlmutter, who was on board the idea of turning it into something like the Hubble.

Moreover, Musk said that the Starship-transformed telescope can function ten times better than what the Hubble outputs now.

The initial question of the user Musk replied to was referring to turning Starship as a spacecraft probe, and not just a vessel to bring humans closer to Mars on its future missions.

Starship for All of NASA Launches

Musk also replied to a chart about the missions that NASA has plotted for different spacecraft, saying that the Falcon 9 could be stretched to increase all of it. However, to take things up a notch, the billionaire said that the Starship could do it far better than the Falcon 9, as a reusable spacecraft.

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