Elon Musk has revealed a lot about the latest Super Heavy Booster rocket. It would soon increase its Raptor engine thrust by adding more into the mix, around 32 to 33 engines. The venture would also tweak out Starship's engines from 6 to 9 engines, having the total count of its engines at 42, supposedly to increase the power and capabilities both have.

SpaceX is highly looking forward to its Mars mission. Still, before it takes place, it would need to sort out different factors like its Raptor engine thrust, recently revealed to be increasing numbers.

Elon Musk: SpaceX Super Heavy Booster Engines Increase to 33

SpaceX SN10 Starship
(Photo: SpaceX via YouTube Screenshot)
SpaceX's Starship and Super Heavy will have additional engines, which would make its total to about 42, for power and performance needs. 33 is a massive number for most items like 33 smartphones or 33 cars. It is something to marvel at with one of the largest rockets in the world, the SpaceX Super Heavy Booster, to soon have additional engines.

In the recent revelations of Elon Musk via Twitter (@elonmusk), SpaceX is planning to increase the base Raptor numbers from at least 230 million tons or about 500 million lbs. of thrust.

What does this mean? Musk and SpaceX want to have more power for Super Heavy Booster's engines and capabilities for launching in the coming tests.

This would help the rocket perform better, as it would have more power to propel itself and its cargo, the Starship above it. The venture would take SpaceX to around 32 to 33 engines in total for the Super Heavy Booster, which is a lot for a ship.

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SpaceX Starship to Also Add Rockets

On the other hand, as the CEO discussed the different parameters and specs of its engines with additional needs, another user revealed the total number of the engines with the Starship. From the initial three-engine setup of the Starship, it would soon have six or nine engines in total, that when added to 33 of the Super Heavy, totals it to 42.

The need for more engines is for the spacecraft's power and features. It makes its way towards the Red Planet, which is the actual intended destination for the venture. SpaceX's Starship was made and bred for Mars, featuring a Stainless Steel creation, which has faced adversities along the way.

When will Full Stack Take Place?

This July, Musk has teased a lot about the Full Stack, putting the Starship atop the already towering Super Heavy Booster and testing its capabilities and landing maneuvers. Currently, there are no exact dates for its initial test flight this month, but the sure thing is that SpaceX would live to stream it and showcase it for the world to see.

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