Never Underestimate The Influence Of Women In Technology
(Photo : Swathi Nelabhatla )

Swathi Nelabhatla has about 15 years of experience in the IT Industry handling Architecture teams and founder of SheJobs. She possesses remarkable ability in leading, training, and coordinating with technical teams to provide innovative business solutions in a fiercely competitive and multi-platform environment. Worked as a Technical Solution Architect specialized in Digital Engineering in providing CRM solutions with excellent business domain experience and digitalization. Extensive 'hands-on' technical knowledge in all stages of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) including design, evaluation, development, build, testing, installation, etc. various business processes and programs.

Swathi as Salesforce Architect

Swathi has helped many businesses in their digital transformation journey by giving solutions for large-scale migration and integration routine for Salesforce integration. She's headed a Salesforce Architect group and has directed her team through design journeys in style, delivery, and governance. She's built a powerful roadmap for those associations to construct merchandise-aligned and business value-led delivery units to use the full requirements of their salesforce platform. She's shown experience in finishing the gap analysis and technology capacity alignments across all company arms -- sales, marketing, support, finance, and operations.

Her experience runs deep into operational, integration, and platform architecture to construct the comprehensive governance model for heart support level design. She has led groups to look at transparent and secure, higher performance applications that are simplified, chunked into smaller bits, and adapt to agile shipping methodology suited to speed and accuracy.

She has directed a group of architects to comprehend the north star vision of enterprise' IT services and pushed the business and IT to arrive in the future state vision. She has led the transition across the integration of systems of records into systems of innovations. She has shown experience in designing programs that has demonstrated an immense amount of scalability and resilience which functions seamlessly under business critical scenarios.

Swathi as Founder of Women focused Job Portal - SheJobs

Swathi is also founder of US-based company- SHE JOBS portal, which is trying to cater to women to find their dream job , it is a portal that helps women on professional break to restart their careers. The portal aims to provide relevant employment opportunities to females looking for flexible jobs to maintain "work life balance", to women of all categories and diversity, Women in technology/Non-IT , women with special needs kids and families

After a detailed gap analysis of the job market, it was observed that leading job portals do not necessarily lead their efforts to deal with gender equality gaps. Consequently, SheJobs portal was designed. Shejobs team understands there are several right places to work, and there are numerous women candidates who will fill in, on-par together with the necessary skill levels.

Women from all walks of life get into the SheJobs system. Differently-abled people with specific needs. The women warriors! Be it unmarried mothers, veteran girls with older school knowledge, domestic abuse victims, or even anybody who made their minds up to begin their lives with a job. Anyone who's marked as a minority and can be exposed to stereotypes, such as transgenders.

These women need special quotas when it comes to work. Hence, this idea of having a dedicated job board focusing on women popped up and immediately got into action.

SHE JOBS can help employers to reach their diversity and inclusion metrics. Employers supporting ethnicity and diversity can post their open positions on SheJobs to reach female inclusion in the workforce. This online platform has reputed companies across industries offering job opportunities to women of all categories and diversity to reach their diversity metrics.

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