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"The Last of Us 2" glitch was discovered by a fan and showed the world just how to exactly do it.

You Need to Be Really Good

YouTuber Speclizer found the glitch during the sniper scene in "The Last of Us 2." If you are fast enough, you can even recreate the glitch to experience it yourself.

Abby (the protagonist) is alongside WLF member Manny who is chasing down a mystery attacker who assaulted the duo from afar using a sniper.

You later discover that the person attacking you is Tommy.

As fans of "The Last of Us 2" would know, Tommy is the brother of Joel, who is another of the game's protagonist. This instance shows the three dashing through Seattle's marina as both sides attempt to eliminate the other without being taken down.

The game would normally proceed with Manny and Abby catching up to Tommy in a deserted cruise ship terminal. Tommy then pulls down a shutter that creates a barrier between the two pursuers.

The duo then proceeds to chase Tommy through another door where a surprise awaits them.

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Speclizer Does it Different

Naturally, YouTuber Speclizer shows just how to do the glitch in a YouTube video, alongside other glitches he found in the game.

According to GamesRadar, during the chase scene inside the cruise ship, before Tommy was able to pull down the shutters, Speclizer rushed and got on the other end of the shutter as Tommy was still in the process of pulling the shutters down.

Now that Abby is on the other side of the shutter, she can continuously inflict massive damage to Tommy without any resistance.

You also have the option to do a stealth kill after which he lays flat on the ground and that's the end of him. 

There wasn't any explanation provided as to what happens after Tommy dies with the glitch. The Youtuber's video just cuts to different glitches he found within the game. 

It's important to note that Tommy still has a few more scenes within "The Last of Us 2" for the story to continue. It's safe to assume two scenarios: first, the next cutscene can't be triggered because Tommy is out of the picture; or you will need to reset and let the story progress just how it was made to be.

Speclizer, 'The Last of Us 2' Hidden Features Specialist

In his YouTube video, he showcased more glitches and weird things happening in "The Last of Us 2."

The next video after off-ing Tommy is a picture of a corpse that was moving on its own after it got shot in the head. Next up would be the discovery of trap mines that can be placed on movable objects. 

Another thing on the video was a crop of plants that said "missing textures," which looked weird given it was a stark contrast to the greenery of the backdrop. An interesting glitch found concerning Tommy was that Abby could escape him and jump out of the water in which she just stands there floating with a stiff body. 

Many more instances are showcased on the YouTube video, and all are thanks to Speclizer and his friends.

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