The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued School Guidelines for 2021, as they anticipate the reopening of the learning institutions this fall. Face masks are still required for those that are not yet vaccinated against COVID-19, and the physical distancing rule of at least three feet is required for everyone at all times. 

The CDC is confident that the school year can reopen this September's Fall season, bringing all schools at a full blast of opening, amidst the period of COVID-19 and the prevalence of the Delta variant in the country. 

CDC School Guidelines: Key Takeaways

School Reopening is a GO, CDC Says
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Los Angeles, CaliforniaJune 23, 2021Third grader David Cortez wears his mask during class at Hooper Avenue School on June 23, 2021. Student wears his mask during third grade summer school at Hooper Avenue School on June 23, 2021.

CDC recently released a guideline for schools and its reopening this Fall, especially as the health agency anticipates the return of youngsters back to the learning institutions across the country. This includes those from pre-school levels, until those who are in the collegiate level or taking their masters in different colleges or universities in the country.

One of the key takeaways here is that fully vaccinated people are not required to mask up, but are recommended to still wear one amidst the massive threats of the Delta strain in the country.

It is a different story for the unvaccinated, as they are required to wear face masks, at all times. These people would need to protect themselves at all times, especially in airconditioned rooms, as air particles stay.

Moreover, schools would need to implement social distancing of at least three feet, and not the six-foot rules when in public. This is because schools and their buildings are somehow smaller compared to public spaces, and the six-foot distance may not be applicable.

Several layering may be required of a school to ensure that the students, teachers, and staff are all safe from the virus, especially for non-eligible ages for vaccination like pre-school to grade school stages. 

Personal hygiene and cleanliness etiquette is also something that CDC promotes, as it may help in keeping the virus away.

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School Reopening is a Go This Fall

The CDC is convinced to continue every school's reopening this year, and it starts to be on the regular time for September's fall. What the agency wants to happen is for everyone to maintain safety and clean etiquette to prevent any outbreaks from happening, especially for children.

School Vaccination for Eligible Children?

According to NBC News, vaccination may also be something that will be promoted by schools, especially for eligible-aged children in the country. And while there are studies that point out to lowering the age of eligibility to have more children immunized, it is not yet established as of the moment.

Additionally, the possibility of vaccinating children in school is something that is being studied and considered, so that the vaccination process may be fast-tracked.

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