CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) warns that Delta, the new hypertransmissible variant of the novel coronavirus, has increased the spread rate by up to 10%. Recently, various experts believed that it will soon be the most dominant virus strain. 

CDC Says New COVID-19 Delta Variant Increases Transmission Rate By 10%
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HOUSTON, TX - NOVEMBER 26: (EDITORIAL USE ONLY) Dr. Joseph Varon hugs and comforts a patient in the COVID-19 intensive care unit (ICU) during Thanksgiving at the United Memorial Medical Center on November 26, 2020 in Houston, Texas. According to reports, Texas has reached over 1,220,000 cases, including over 21,500 deaths.

The health department confirmed this information on Thursday, July 1. CDC claimed that in the United States, COVID-19 cases are now 10% higher than the previous records. Aside from the new variant, CDC also explained that the nation's lagging vaccination activities also play a major role in the transmission rate increase. 

"I don't want the trend line to put us in a position where it can really take off, especially as fall approaches and people start congregating indoors," said Dr. Cameron Wolfe, Duke University School of Medicine's infectious diseases expert and an associate professor of medicine. 

"I expect that we are going to see the number of cases around the country going up as the delta variant spreads," added CDC's former Acting Director Dr. Richard Besser, who is also the current president of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. 

CDC Is Now Concerned About COVID-19 Delta

According to NBC News' latest report, CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said, during a White House briefing, that the new Delta variant could account for the rising COVID-19 cases in the U.S. 

CDC Says New COVID-19 Delta Variant Increases Transmission Rate By 10%
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In this picture taken on April 29, 2020, an engineer shows a plastic model of the COVID-19 coronavirus at the Quality Control Laboratory at the Sinovac Biotech facilities in Beijing. - Sinovac Biotech, which is conducting one of the four clinical trials that have been authorised in China, has claimed great progress in its research and promising results among monkeys.

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This new COVID-19 strain was first identified in India. And now, it is already spreading in all 50 states. On the other hand, Walensky claimed that another rapid spread could arrive in the United States if Delta is not neutralized. 

As of the moment, the new COVID-19 Delta strain was able to increase the daily infection cases by up to seven transmissions. Because of this, the U.S. government has made some efforts to vaccinate more than 57% of adult residents. 

CDC Director also warned that areas with the most unvaccinated individuals will still remain vulnerable to the new COVID-19 variant.  

How Different Is the New Delta Variant?

The Conversation explained that the new Delta variant can infect younger people, unlike other COVID-19 strains. However, its symptoms are milder compared to other variants. 

Although this is the case, it has a higher transmission rate, which is the main factor that concerns various medical experts. As of the moment, researchers are still trying to find more information about the new Delta strain. 

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