Kaseya was recently attacked by REvil, a popular ransomware group allegedly linked to Russia. The hacking group claimed that it was able to acquire around 1 million devices. 

Kaseya Former Employees Claim Company Already Knows REvil Hack Will Happen: Signs Shown Back In 2019
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Since it is a massive, serious hack, it seems like REvil really took Kaseya by surprise. However, some former employees claimed that the company already knew about the 2021 attack back in 2019. 

If this is true, that means that Kaseya has around two years to prepare for REvil's ransomware attack. The former staff also claimed that they even warned the company about possible user data exploitation of REvil. 

The issue started after Kaseya's VSA remote management service was used by the Russian hacking group to compromise around 40 customers of the company. This is just a small number compared to the announced affected consumers. However, it is important since it is actually the first step of REvil. 

Kaseya Knows About REvil's Upcoming Data Exploitation? 

According to PC Mag's latest report, REvil used Kaseya's VSA to encrypt more than 1,000 businesses. However, security experts claimed that this is just a portion of the affected companies in the latest massive attack of REvil. 

Kaseya Former Employees Claim Company Already Knows REvil Hack Will Happen: Signs Shown Back In 2019

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They added that more could soon surface. On the other hand, Bloomberg's report also suggested that the IT management software provider was already aware of the security issues of its VSA. 

On the other hand, one of the former employees even said that the company's VSA has so many issues. He added that Kaseya should replace it because it could lead to massive hacks, which happened this 2021. In total, five former employees suddenly appeared to announce this detail. 

"Among the most glaring problems was software underpinned by outdated code, the use of weak encryption and passwords in Kaseya's products and servers, a failure to adhere to basic cybersecurity practices such as regularly patching software, and a focus on sales at the expense of other priorities," they added.  

Kaseya Hasn't Released A Statement Yet

Engadget reported that Kaseya still refuses to make any comment regarding the claims of the five anonymous former employees. Some security experts claimed that the company already has some system issues. 

Because of this, different hackers were able to use its platform to launch ransomware attacks twice between 2018 and 2019. On the other hand, some analysts criticized the company since it seems like Kaseya did not even enhance its security strategy to prevent REvil's attack from happening. 

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