Epic Games Free Games July 2021 | 'Offworld Trading Company' and 'Obduction' Coming Soon!
(Photo : Screenshot From Epic Games Website) Epic Games Free Games July 2021 | 'Offworld Trading Company' and 'Obduction' Coming Soon!

Epic Games free games July 2021 is bringing two new games for download this coming July 15! Although there are a number of games already free on the platform, both "Obduction" and "Offworld trading Company." The games, however, will be free for only a limited amount of time.

There are also two games that are currently free but are going to expire this July 15 as well. For those fans of The Walking Dead, there's a game called "Bridge Constructor The Walking Dead" available just until the 15th! For fans of spaceships and wars fought on iron, the game "Ironcast" is free until July 15 as well.

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Here are other games that are currently free on Epic Games as well:


Who could ever forget one of the most popular battle royale games ever? Although the game has maybe dipped in popularity, it's still being played by a lot of fans around the world.

"Rocket League"

It's not technically racing but speed plays a huge role in this game. Rocket League might be the most unique gameplay of this 2021!

"Genshin Impact"

Everyone's been talking about Genshin Impact and for those that might feel a little left out, the game is free to download on Epic Games so no worries!

"Phantasy Star Online 2"

The last chapter in the faithful "Phantasy Star Online 2 Series" is finally here and the story is still beginning to unfold! The game invites players to jump into the extraterrestrial and see what the game is about.


For those fans of early access games, Scavengers is still slowly rolling out what took years to develop. The game itself revolves around a unique concept and the fighting mechanics are pretty intense!


Unleash the character's true powers! For those fans of not just becoming the hero but becoming the victor, it's pretty much the story of this game.

"Rogue Company"

The game takes a really cool cyberpunk mixture of futuristic and medieval weapons making a really interesting mix to the whole battle mode.

"Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms"

For those that haven't been playing their D&Ds in a while, there's a way to play the game online! Tap into the extended world of Dungeons and Dragons!


This free to play RPG gives players stunning visuals and extremely colorful fight scenes. The visual aspect of the game is on a whole different level and has a slight similarity to "Monster Hunter."


This team-based shooter is for those that might be tired of the regular. Although there are a few aspects of the game that make it a bit similar to Valorant, the game itself is very different!

Every month Epic Games seems to have a new batch of free games every now and then! For those that want to check out what other games are free online, make sure to check on the official Epic Games Store itself.

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