Apple Music for Free | US Military and Veterans Get a Treat for Up to Four Months!
(Photo : Screenshot From Pexels Official Website) Apple Music for Free | US Military and Veterans Get a Treat for Up to Four Months!

Apple Music for free will be given to the US military and veterans! Although the yearly fourth of July celebrations have just passed, there are still some new and exciting offers out there that are available for the US military and veterans!

Apple Music Free Subscription for US Military and Veterans

According to 9to5mac, Apple is finally offering up to four months free use of Apple Music subscription to the US military and veterans who have never ever tried subscribing to the service before. The bid is to encourage the US military and veteran personnel to try out Apple Music for free.

Apple, as of the moment, already offers a lengthy three-month free trial for those that are still new subscribers of Apple Music. For those that are US military or veterans, however, they will be given a special offer wherein they will be able to enjoy four months free of charge for their Apple Music subscription. The new iOS 14.6 also puts major focus on Apple Music audio imporvements as well.

New Apple Music Users to Get Up to Four Months Free Access

If this is the case for users, there are just a few steps that need to be followed. All that has to be done is to simply access the four months free Apple Music through this link. The link will direct the user to an authentication webpage on Apple's website.

In order to get a special code that would provide the user up to four months free of Apple Music, users will need to log in with the use of an account. For those that are already an Apple Music subscriber, however, there is still an option to get an extra month of free Apple Music subscription through the use of the same page. for US Military or Veterans

For those that are still quite unfamiliar, is a particular third-party service that would offer users discounts to multiple stores for the eligible US military or veterans. After users finally logged in with their account, they will then receive the code in order to redeem the Apple Music offer. 

Apple also officially noted that the offer, however, won't be a permanent one and for users to avail this particular offer, they will have to do so within a specific timeline. It is important that eligible users register through the link before the timeframe is up in order to enjoy the extra month for free.

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Apple Music Free Subscription Up to Four Months Deadline

The free Apple Music subscription for the US military and veterans will expire this coming August 1, 2021. It is also worth noting that Apple is also providing a special store for US military and veterans giving them discounts on products just like the Apple iPhone, iPad, and even the Macs as well.

For those that are eligible for the promo, it is important to get access before August 1, 2021 when the promo would officially end. After the promo is over, new users will get just three months of free subscription to Apple Music. Although it's already the second half of the year, checking out the weekly Apple Music replay can be done for the ultimate throwback.

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