How to Get Apple Music Replay 2021: New Weekly Update
(Photo : Screenshot From applecritics YouTube) How to Get Apple Music Replay 2021: New Weekly Update

Yup, it's finally here. The Apple Music Replay 2021 is finally available for the very first time following the previous culmination of the exact same feature from 2021. The feature would allow listeners to basically here auser's favorite music to be collected and transformed into just a single playlist with other new music being added on as the months then roll by. This guide will help you get the Apple Music Replay 2021.

Does Apple music replay update?

According to the story by iMore, while Spotify would make its users have to wait all the way until the very end of the year before they will be able to enjoy their very own Spotify Wrapped playlist, Apple Music, well, now does things quite differently by making this a new weekly feature. The Apple Music users can reportedly now head to the given Music app and easily select the Listen Now tap even before scrolling down in order to check the new Replay 2021 playlist.

The new Apple Music Replay feature will offer listeners a total breakdown of certain things that make their playlist special like the favorite artists as well as how frequent they are listened to. This would also include the user's top 10 favorite albums. Apple actually promises to update the Replay at least every week in order to adjust the list directly based on the listener's listening habits.

What day of the week does Apple Music Replay update?

There's also a bonus where users will be able to tap the Get your Replay Mix in order to generate a certain playlist. Listeners can then access this playlist across a number of different devices. The Apple Music Replay playlists are now reportedly going to be updated every Sunday so it's also worth keeping an eye on the playlist itself in order to find out what has recently been added to the playlist. For more details, there's also information on the Apple Music website that listeners can access.

Since Sundays is when the Apple Music Replay is expected to update the playlist, it might be worth making a schedule or alarm for listeners to check out how the playlist is updated. Of course, for those that don't always listen to music on the Apple Music Replay, there might be little to no movement within the playlist itself. This could become very beneficial to those that learn about a new song and have it on repeat for a few.

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How to Get Apple Music Replay 2021

It's important to note that the Apple Music Replay isn't an app but just a feature that can easily be accessed by clicking on the Apple Music application and looking for the Replay playlist. However, there's actually another way to check out the Apple Music Replay 2021 and this is to log on online to the Apple Music website to see the Apple Music Replay playlist of 2021.

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