The NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration and ESA (European Space Agency) have collaborated to address the issue of climate change around the world.

The two international space bodies have been keen to combat the serious problem that the Earth has been facing.

To respond to several changes that are happening at the moment, NASA and ESA formed a partnership that would mitigate the global phenomenon. The agencies guarantee that they will be monitoring the planet with the help of science and technology.

NASA and ESA Towards Climate Change Mitigation

NASA x ESA: Two Space Agencies Collaborate to Combat Climate Change
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NASA teams up with ESA to fight the global climate change.

On Tuesday, July 13, NASA said in a press release that the two space agencies will be focusing on Earth science for their partnership. According to Bill Nelson, a NASA administrator, the growing problem with climate change needs some actions that should be addressed.

"NASA and ESA are leading the way in space, building an unprecedented strategic partnership in Earth science," Nelson said.

"This agreement will set the standard for future international collaboration, providing the information that is so essential for tackling the challenges posed by climate change and helping to answer and address the most pressing questions in Earth science for the benefit of the United States, Europe, and the world."

The two agencies agreed to join forces after they completed signing the statement of intent, which would involve how to fight climate change through many applications.

Apart from that, the collaboration will include extensive learning about the Earth as well as some policies about data sharing, and involving the public in the projects.

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Earth-Observing Satellites Will Help the Agencies

According to NASA associate administrator for science, Thomas Zurbuchen, the two agencies would be discussing the issue on the planet through the "Earth-observing" satellites.

He further added that the collaborators will not only deal with several observations of the planet, but two space agencies will also unite to distribute more information about climate change.

NASA and ESA Previously Worked Together in Climate Change Program

From the story written by Europe-based news outlet, EURACTIV, this is not the first time that NASA and ESA will merge for a similar cause.

Previously, the two firms have partnered when the Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich satellite was released. Last year, NASA made it possible through the ESA, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and other organizations from Europe.

The satellite was used for data collection purposes, such as gathering information about the levels of water in the oceans as an impact of climate change.

Moreover, the program also tackled the developments on how to model climate change, as well as discussing weather forecasts and other factors, such as humidity and atmospheric temperature.

Last May, the biggest space agency released a design for the Earth System Observatory (ESO). The missions are focused on preventing disasters, devising plans for agricultural improvement, mitigating the occurrences of forest fires, and others.

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