Facebook advertisers and even Facebook Inc. itself are currently panicking since Apple fans, especially the iPhone and iPad users, are now rejecting their cross-app and cross-site tracking. 

Facebook Advertisers' Cross-App, Cross-Site Tracking Faces Rejection From Apple iPhone, iPad Users | FB Now Panicking!
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In this photo illustration, the Facebook logo is displayed on a TV screen on September 09, 2019 in Paris, France. Several US states have launched antitrust investigations against web giants including Facebook and Google with the viewer their business practices, but also the collection and exploitation of personal data. 

It all began after Apple decided to release a new software update, which allows them to opt out of user data tracking in applications and websites. Facebook is not the only social media giant affected by the sudden system change. 

Even Instagram and other online platforms are affected. Because of this, Branch, an analytics firm, released a new data finding showing that only around 25% of iPhone and iPad users are opting into Facebook's cross-site and cross-app tracking. 

Facebook advertisers confirmed that they are already feeling the impact of Apple fans' decisions. On the other hand, Facebook also announced that the impact prevents it from providing certain metrics, which are essential to advertising companies since this data allows them to know if their advertisements are efficient. 

Facebook Advertisers Now Having Trouble 

According to 9To5Mac's latest report, many ad firms are now seeing the impact of Facebook users' decisions to opt out of the social media platform's user tracking activity. 

Facebook Advertisers' Cross-App, Cross-Site Tracking Faces Rejection From Apple iPhone, iPad Users | FB Now Panicking!

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In this photo illustration a girl browses the social networking site Facebook on July 10, 2007 in London, England. Facebook has been rapidly catching up on MySpace as the premier social networking website and as of July 2007 was the secondmost visited such site on the World Wide Web. 

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Media buyers who run Facebook ad campaigns on behalf of clients said Facebook is no longer able to see how many sales its clients are making reliably, so it's harder to figure out which Facebook ads are working," said Facebook. 

"Losing this data also impacts Facebook's ability to show a business's products to potential new customers," added the giant social media platform. 

On the other hand, the analytics company Branch released data claiming that more than 75% of iPhone users are now using Apple's App Tracking Transparency feature, specifically designed to inform and help users know what to do regarding the cross-app cross-site tracking activities. 

As of the moment, Facebook said that it is working on a new feature that will help the company make for the data lost because of Apple's App Tracking Transparency update. The company added that its upcoming innovations include new ad features that require less personal data from its users.  

How To Opt-Out Of FB's Data Tracking Feature

Foundation Mozilla explained that users can rely on iPhone's new software update to opt-out of Facebook's cross-site and cross-app tracking activities. 

They need to update their devices to iOS 14.5 or later, then they need to click the "Ask App not to Track" option before the installation is completed.

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