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"COD Mobile" released a lot of improvements for the game in its sixth season. All new updates, including the New Shield Grenade, Martyrdom Perk, 90 FOV Slider, and more are coming along with the update.

All the updates came from the test version of the massively popular first-person shooter game, "COD Mobile."

What Do We Know So Far?

The public test build shows a lot of new features within the season 6 update rolling sometime soon. This includes the FOV slider that goes up to 90 now in COD Mobile, meaning that players can now tweak the settings in the graphic settings, reported by Sportskeeda.

Having more FOV in an FPS game is essential to have more data fed to your brain as you can see more of the view around you. This viewing adjustment works best, especially if you are playing the Battle Royale mode of "COD Mobile." 

Think of FOV as your peripheral vision; the more you see, the better chances you have of staying aware.

Martyrdom is the new red perk introduced in the public test beta. If you have played other "Call of Duty" multiplayer games then you'd know what this does.

If not, it drops a live grenade when a player eliminates you, causing a fatal blowback to unbeknownst players who walk over your dead character's corpse.

A new tactical grenade was also spotted, dubbed the "Shield Grenade."

The Shield Grenade offers protection to anyone within the area of effect by a projected plasma drone. Teased in a YouTube video, players can freely move through the dome created, and bullets can also penetrate it.

It's still unclear as to what it can deflect when it goes live, but for now, it is a massive eyesore for would-be snipers within the game as it's difficult to see what goes on inside.

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How to Play The Public Test Build?

The public test build can be played either on Android devices only by GiNX Esports TV.

Activision has yet to deliver any iOS early access to content to this day. Meanwhile, Android users can enjoy limited access to the public test build, but can't stay in for long periods, nor have unlimited logins per day. 

Only a handful of people will be able to participate, however, as the purpose of the test server is for the developers to review the potential content added into the game and how it would work.

Another reason is to deter game cheaters from looking for exploits of the new updates.

Naturally, these are the times where balancing issues can be noticed and any game-breaking bugs found before it would be seen within the main game. 

Developers want to fix all bugs and glitches before porting the finished update to live servers where millions of "COD Mobile" players are playing the game daily. 

Watch some of the clips from the test server here while waiting for more news in regards to games and other content only on Tech Times.

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