The Journey from an Inventor to an Author, Uncovering The Story of Jarl Jensen
(Photo : The Journey from an Inventor to an Author, Uncovering The Story of Jarl Jensen)

Career transitions are always tough. One has to shift their entire focus and perspective to fit the new direction and visions. People often undergo a change in their careers due to pressures and complications in their lives. But only a few make this shift as a choice and not as a compulsion. Such people are determined, strong-headed, and are clear with their goals in life. One such example is Jarl Jensen. He started his journey as an inventor, then shifted to business, and is now a famous author and financial engineering thought-leader.

"Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything" - George Bernard Shaw

Rightfully stated by Sir Bernard, it requires great strength and clarity to make such bold moves in life. But, when a person has made up their mind, no power in the universe can stop them. Similar is the case for the ambitious personality Jarl Jensen. Born in America, Jarl began his professional life following in the footsteps of his father, an engineer and inventor. Jarl studied engineering and contributed to a patent with his father. As an engineer, Jarl is driven by a passion for ideas that will do remarkable things for the people of the world.  Jarl's experience as a patent contributor, helped build 'Euromed' which he ran and grew into a multimillion-dollar juggernaut. He used his expertise to make the company reach new heights of success. He redesigned the product lines, enhanced its quality, and reduced the costs by 50%-60%. Doing so raised the bar of the company, which resulted in increased cash flow. The company's sales sky-rocketed from earning six digits to earning eight digits as the company hit $20 million in revenue. 

Euromed was soaring high because this was Jarl's aim in life. As a rule of life, when an offer to good to refuse comes around well then, it's time to shift gears.  The sale of Euromed has been said to be a record multiple of a privately held company.  In 2016, he sold the flourishing company for 17x earnings to a publicly-traded company and began working towards a new venture.

Inventagon, launched in 2009, was Jarl Jensen's new venture. Using his expertise, education, and skills in the right way, he established a company that designed and produced medical instruments and devices. Inventagon's services include computerized designs, invention, rapid prototyping, 3D modeling and printing, and printed circuit board design including embedded software engineering, microprocessor programming, ISO9000 design regulations, FDA Design Control, medical adhesive design, advanced metabolic device design, manufacturing, marketing and sales. 

Being a business owner enabled Jensen to gain an insight about the American economy.  As he started his business, he was required to explore the dynamics of the entrepreneurial world. During this time, he unraveled the truths about the functioning of the American economy. Jarl's insight were important and could contribute to saving the economy. Looking at the economy from an engineer's perspective allowed a unique perspective. Making the most of the insights Jensen began writing a book. 

In 2017, Jarl Jensen published his book, Optimizing America. This book is an overview of the American economy with a fresh new perspective. It is written in the form of a story that allows the reader to understand the problems of the American economy and also provides them with solutions. The book was well-received by the audience, which led to the released of the other two books of the series, 'Showdown in the Economy of Good and Evil' and 'The Big Solution.' Through his books, Jarl aims to educate the masses and the youth of America, in particular about the nation's crisis. The effective measures in the book differ from the traditional ones suggested by economists, as they are written from a new perspective.

Jarl Jensen, today, is known as a thought leader who not only works towards the betterment of the country but also motivates others around him through his books and work. Euromed, Inventagon, Optimizing America and The Big Solution are Jarl's attempts to serve the nation; what are yours?

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