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Tesla FSD Beta 9 has its strengths and bests for highway driving, but not so much for regular roads, and this was admitted by CEO Elon Musk. However, all that would change in the following versions of the autonomous driving technology. Soon, Tesla's early beta users and others would get a chance to experience Beta 10 and 11, which would have better integration within cities, streets, and regular roads.

The Full Self-Driving technology has been the center of debate for its actual safety and benefits for people, especially as it initially received criticism after several accidents involving a Tesla EV.

Tesla FSD Beta 9 Is Best for Highway

Tesla FSD
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According to a YouTuber's tweet (@FrenchieEAP), the FSD beta version 9 still has struggles to get on the highway, but it compensates that by changing to a different route that focuses more on safety. Here, the video shows the Tesla electric vehicle to stop as it hesitates to get on the highway but demonstrates a good maneuver as it drives further.

Frenchie also said that the FSD is "indistinguishable from human driving," and what he meant was one could not tell if the Tesla EV was being driven by its driver or its system.

That is something of an improvement, as Tesla's aim for the FSD is to be a safe technology that could integrate itself within society, which people would drive with.

Elon Musk (@elonmusk) responded to Frenchie, saying that the Tesla FSD 9 is "best for highways," which uses a "pure vision production code." This means that the FSD 9 is already a master of highway driving, and is adept to take on the said roads, despite being surrounded by human drivers.

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Tesla FSD Beta 10 and 11: What to Look Forward to?

The Tesla CEO furthered on to say that the car's technology would improve, hinting at the upgraded versions of the FSD Beta which would see beta versions 10 and 11. The CEO revealed that he wants to bring FSD's regular road capabilities to Beta 10, but is subject to change. He then said that it would surely come to FSD Beta 11, and it would be a sure thing.

However, what was not indicated was the arrival of FSD Beta 10 or 11, which would have "one stack to rule them all," and be the better FSD over version 9.

The next beta versions sure are a lot to look forward to, and the only problem is its arrival or release date from Tesla or Musk himself. Last June was the release of beta 9 which brought the "pure vision code," and it was something that the people noticed changes from, compared to previous versions.

Are Next Beta Versions Coming Soon?

Sadly, Tesla's FSDs would still have beta versions to succeed them, and not a regular or full version release from the company. Moving to full version release and a wide public availability remains an aspiration, especially from people that have bought it from Tesla's subscription service.

For now, people would have to wait and see for all versions, beta and full release alike.

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