Elon Musk says Tesla's Full Self-Driving Beta version 9 has unveiled that the next software will be based on the "pure vision" approach. According to CEO Elon Musk, the company is planning to launch a production release of the technology this week. In the next two or three weeks, the new releases will be coming on the way as well.

In autonomous driving, the FSD feature of electric vehicles has become its most prominent program to date. The EV adoption has paved the way for the auto company to install several radar sensors and cameras which would help the drivers to better recognize the roadways. Moreover, it does not stick with the standard driver-controlled mechanism but rather on the limited driver interference.

However, full autonomy is not always present in Tesla cars, but through the semi-autonomous drive settings and other driver assistance options, the auto owners could fully utilize the vehicles without interacting with them.

Tesla Has Recently Removed the Radar

Elon Musk Says FSD V9 Will Be Based on 'Pure Vision' Approach; Production Release to Begin This Week
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FSD V9 will adopt Pure Vision Approach for Tesla EVs.

Besides ditching the lumbar support for Tesla EVs, Elon Musk has also detached the radar to prioritize a camera-focus scheme. In the past, the Tesla CEO has discussed its plans about removing it to absorb the vision-based approach for the Model Y and 3 over the past few weeks.

The approach called the "Tesla Vision" emphasizes the usage of cams which would contribute to the FSD's accuracy. The company has studied the capabilities of the radar only to find out that they would still stick to the camera-based plan.

In a report by The Motley Fool in March, Musk has shared his insights about ditching the radar support for the EVs.

"I think with the elimination of radar, we're finally getting rid of one of the last crutches. Radar was really - it was making up for some of the shortfalls of vision, but this is not good. You actually just need vision to work," Musk said during the Q1 2021 Earnings Call.

The approach will be adopted as part of FSD Beta V.9, According to Tesla, it would be releasing one more production release for this week before doing other releases in the next coming weeks.

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What's not sure this time is if the car company could accomplish this since Musk said that the highly-anticipated V9 has been previously away for some weeks during the transition. In addition, the automaker has been conducting a Plaid Model S-exclusive delivery event at the Fremont Factory.

Elon Musk Says that FSD Could Not Arrive in Some Countries

The Tesla boss has been careful over the release of its Autopilot and FSD in its electric vehicles in the past. According to Musk, the EV manufacturer would not be able to deliver the feature to some regions since it remains a concern among some drivers. While the earlier tests suggested that Tesla could guarantee the user's safety, some still doubt if it would be safe in the long run.

According to Teslarati's report on Sunday, June 6, some Tesla owners said that they preferred "Pure Vision" EVs since the feature has shown a major improvement compared to the vehicles which were previously equipped with radar on the basis of Full Self Driving performance.

The company aims to reach its goal in the upcoming weeks, and if it succeeds, Tesla could push for the Level 5 Autonomy before 2021 ends.

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