Google is now letting users delete the last 15 minutes of their saved search history on their iOS devices. 

The new "quick delete" feature, which was first revealed in May, is available for the Google app on iOS for the meantime. The feature will be made available to Android users later this year. 

According to The Verge, as far as desktop is concerned, options to delete your search history are "limited to setting your history to auto-delete every three, 18, or 36 months (18 months is the default for new accounts), or deleting searches by hand."

The Verge describes the auto-delete feature as "great for your peace of mind."

"Think of it as an emergency 'oh no' button for terrible, embarrassing, or just plain private searches," the article says. 

Google Search History Privacy Protection

Google Search
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Google Search

Google has also announced other measures that can help protect users' privacy aside from the Google search history "quick delete" option.

In an announcement posted on their blog, Google added a new tool geared towards extra search history protection for those who share their devices with other people. 

The new tool assures users that other people who share their device will not be able to look at their search history. Users simply have to require extra verification under "My Activity."

"With this setting, you'll need to provide additional information - like your password or two-factor authentication - before your full history can be viewed," the announcement reads. 

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Google Security and Privacy Check-Ups

Google also reiterated the company's already existing security and privacy measures that safeguard not only a user's Google search history, but all other information as well. 

In the same announcement posted on their blog, Google reminds its users that the Privacy Checkup is available. Through the Privacy Checkup, users will go through a step-by-step procedure involving key privacy settings. 

The Security Checkup, on the other hand, contains "personalized recommendations" that enable users to protect their data and devices. These include settings that manage third-party apps.

Users can also check the strength of passwords stored in Google Password Manager. 

Other Google Privacy Options and Features

Back in May, Google announced other privacy options and features that aim to give users control of their own data. These options and features include those for Google Photos, Google Maps, and Google Play Store.

Users now have the option to protect a locked folder with a passcode in Google Photos. The tech company also introduced Location History, which lets users see places they've visited in their Google Maps Timeline. Location History can easily be turned off should the user wish. 

The company also previously announced that its Google Play Store apps will now inform users about what data they collect. The announcement followed a similar one from Apple regarding apps in its App Store.

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