"GTA" map modders, beware: Take-Two is issuing multiple Take-Downs.

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Pardon the pun, but it is what it is: Rockstar Games' parent company Take-Two Interactive has been handing down DMCA claims to take down "GTA" map mods recently, writes Eurogamer. The news was broken out on the official "GTA" forums by a user named Ash_735.

According to the news, popular map mods for "GTA 5" include "GTA 3 Portland" and "Vice City Overhaul." There's also "Vice Cry," which is a texture mod that replaces "GTA Vice City's" aging textures and model with higher-resolution versions, as well as "GTA Underground." This mod, writes PCGamer, combines the maps of "GTA 3," "San Andreas," "Vice City," and other Rockstar Game titles like "Bully," "Manhunt," and "Manhunt 2," then adding a gang warfare mechanic to it.

Initially, Ash mentioned some sort of agreement between Take-Two, Rockstar Games, and the modding community, which allowed all parties to co-exist. But with these recent takedowns, it is now alleged that Take-Two changed the terms of the deal without informing the community.

There was, however, a critical part of the deal: Take-Two will allow "GTA" mods as long as they're not reusing or porting any pre-existing assets from older games. It also said that modders can do what they want, just as long as they "don't touch" "GTA Online." But one mod, "Vice Cry," which its creators claim is using assets they created themselves, was still taken down despite the aforementioned agreement.

Take-Two hasn't reached out for a comment, nor Rockstar Games.

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'GTA' Modding Community: One of the Biggest and Most Creative

The "Grand Theft Auto" games boast perhaps one of the largest modding communities on the web. And over the years, modders have brought various creations to life that no other developer would've probably thought of.

Among the best ones would likely be a "GTA 5" mod that brings "Watch Dogs" into Los Santos. Ubisoft's open-world hacking game, while having a rather sub-par reputation, is still quite popular among a lot of people. Hence, the mod.

But of course, there's a slew of other mods that focus on overhauling the visuals of "GTA 5," which is one of the most popular "Grand Theft Auto" titles to date. Some of the mods look so good that many are already saying they make the current game look better than what Rockstar could come up with for "GTA 6."

What Does This Mean for 'GTA 6?'

Speaking of which, is Take-Two also going to stifle modding freedoms with "GTA 6?" There's only speculation at this point, but the recent DMCA takedowns definitely don't mean well for the next "GTA" game.

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It is, however, not due until 2025 if the latest rumors are to be believed. A lot of things can happen in the span of four years, so it still remains to be seen whether the "GTA" modding community will get their popular mods back. 

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