This 'GTA V' Mod Brings 'Watch Dogs' To Los Santos


Gamers can already wreak havoc in Grand Theft Auto V, but one modder is allowing players to take the amount of chaos to the next level by bringing aspects of Ubisoft's open world third-person shooter video game Watch Dogs to Los Santos.

Modder JulioNIB has created a hack that brings both video games to the screen. The script allows players to take control of cars and make them accelerate to crash into moving vehicles at intersections.

While causing multiple car crashes is impressive, this is just one of the many Watch Dogs-related things gamers can do to increase their amount of criminal activity in GTA V.

The mod allows GTA V games to burst people's phones, raise blocks on streets at each light, hack into the ATM to release money, which will then cause people to come to pick it up, and hack into traffic lights and security cameras. There is also the ability to derail trains, and set up massive explosions, including blowing up helicopters, setting off gas bombs, and exploding hydrants. This is all done by using the GTA V character's cellphone — which has been modified to look like hacker Aiden Pearce from Watch Dogs.

There is also a custom weapon wheel, victim damage indicator, and police search of the area after a witness notifies police. Cops will only go after the player if a witness calls the cops and the player decides to stay in that area.

Pretty much this mod is downright awesome. Gamers can download the Watch Dog for GTA V mod here, and check out the video to see what damage you can do to Los Santos below.

Source: Kotaku

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