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Facebook has pushed back against U.S. President Joe Biden's comments regarding social media's role in the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccination efforts. 

Last week, President Biden made a comment regarding social media networks "killing people" thanks to the spread of misinformation that has caused vaccine hesitancy among certain people. 

In its pushback against Biden's claims posted on its website, Facebook cited data that shows "85% of Facebook users in the US have been or want to be vaccinated against COVID-19."

"President Biden's goal was for 70% of Americans to be vaccinated by July 4. Facebook is not the reason this goal was missed," the post reads. 

Facebook Refutes Biden's Claims With Data 

Facebook's pushback, which comes in the form of the post written by the company's VP of Integrity Guy Rosen, the social media giant presented even more data to deny Biden's accusations. 

According to Rosen, COVID-19 vaccine acceptance among Facebook users has increased from 70% to somewhere between 80-85%. He also said that Facebook applied similar tactics regarding vaccine acceptance to users in the U.K. and Canada and both countries have "achieved more than 70% vaccination of eligible populations."

"This all suggests there's more than Facebook to the outcome in the US," according to Rosen. 

Rosen also mentioned that 3.3. Million Americans have utilized the vaccine finder tool to make vaccination appointments and to locate where vaccination sites are. 

Facebook's Other Efforts to Help People Get Vaccinated Against COVID

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As far as President Biden's allegations of spreading misinformation regarding vaccines is concerned, Rosen says that Facebook has already removed more than 18 million instances of COVID-19 misinformation. 

The social media giant also has a network of "fact-checking partners" that helps it debunk, label, and reduce COVID-19 content that may contain misinformation. 

Rosen also highlighted that Facebook has made efforts to encourage more people to get vaccinated by expanding its vaccine pop-up clinics so that more low-income and underserved communities can be reached. 

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Biden Says COVID Misinformation on Social Media is 'Killing People'

Biden Wants to Knock on Doors to Invite Americans to Vaccinate Against COVID-19
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WASHINGTON, DC - JULY 06: U.S. President Joe Biden speaks during an event on COVID-19 response and the vaccination program at the South Court Auditorium of Eisenhower Executive Office Building July 6, 2021 in Washington, DC. President Biden encouraged more Americans to get vaccinated after falling short of his July 4th deadline for 70 percent of adults to have received at least one vaccination shot.

Facebook's pushback comes after President Biden claimed that COVID-19 misinformation being spread on social media is "killing people."

"The only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated," Biden is quoted to have said in a Bloomberg report.

In a tweet posted Friday, White House Digital Director Robert Flaherty said "I guess I'm left with a simple question: How many people have seen COVID vaccine misinformation on Facebook?" The question came with a retweet of Facebook's response to Biden's comments. 

President Biden previously admitted that the government failed to reach its goal of vaccinating 70% of the population by July 4. The government has continuously encouraged its citizens to get fully vaccinated against COVID-19, especially as the Delta variant continues to spread. The Delta variant has caused a rise in cases in the country. 

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