President Joe Biden has a plan to improve US Vaccination efforts, and it is in the traditional way to go "knock on doors" and show up on the spot to ask for their immunization record and invite them for a shot. The administration's plans show how they want to speed up the immunization campaign in the country, and have people protected against the virus.

The alarming case of the Delta variant has been prevalent recently, and the only way to fight against it is through vaccination, with full doses not enough against it. 

Biden's Plan: Knock on Doors to Distribute Vaccine

Biden Wants to Knock on Doors to Invite Americans to Vaccinate Against COVID-19
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WASHINGTON, DC - JULY 06: U.S. President Joe Biden speaks during an event on COVID-19 response and the vaccination program at the South Court Auditorium of Eisenhower Executive Office Building July 6, 2021 in Washington, DC. President Biden encouraged more Americans to get vaccinated after falling short of his July 4th deadline for 70 percent of adults to have received at least one vaccination shot.

The White House's recent press briefing, headed by Press Secretary Jen Psaki, has revealed that the national government has five key plans to distribute vaccines to every citizen of the country. One of which is to "knock on doors" and the administration is serious about it, especially as they intend to end the pandemic quickly.

Calling out to the public and appealing to their emotions have not been enough, and it was apparent for the past events as people have still avoided vaccination. 

And while no guarantee going door-to-door would work and have people proceed to vaccination centers, it would still be a massive effort to fast track knowledge and information dissemination.

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Vaccination is Key to Achieve Herd Immunity

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Vaccines are regarded by experts to be highly protective against the disease, and if enough people would have it, the country would achieve what is known to be "herd immunity." This type of immunity would successfully protect people against the virus, having more people to be immune against it, rather than susceptible to infections.

However, for this to be achieved, the US population needs to have the majority of its residents be vaccinated, if not all. Of course, the most ideal immunization campaign is still a 100 percent distribution of the vaccine, but that cannot be achieved for now because of anti-vaxers and those below the 12-year-old eligibility age. 

The Goal is Still to Vaccinate All of America

Delta variant is only one of the numerous mutations of COVID-19 that has inflicted fear and illness to the public, also being 20 percent of the current death toll of the US, and counting. The goal of the administration is to still vaccinate all of America, if possible, especially as they aim to eradicate COVID on the face of the Earth. 

The effort of knocking on doors would help people to understand vaccines and their benefits for everyone that would receive them, as well as how it fights against COVID. The call to action and effort of the government aims to move people in the path to vaccination, instead of calling upon them on virtual or digital platforms. 

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