COVID-19 conspiracy theories are yet to be growing, especially with the immunization campaign, as one woman shared in an interview that being near vaccinated people can destroy one's body.

While vaccines are dedicated to protecting the body from the incoming virus that one can pick up from public places, and being around the vaccinated may help in herd immunity.

The woman's theory was closely related to Imperial College of London's study, which made mention of a body's decline by 26 percent after getting vaccinated against COVID-19. However, it is not concrete and is negating what most experts say about the effectiveness of the vaccine.

Can Being Around Vaccinated People Destroy One's Body?

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The David Parkman Show recently had a guest on its talk show, known as DeAnna Lorraine, a person widely known to be a Republican and failed her run for Congress. Here, the former candidate has expressed her beliefs about COVID-19 vaccinations, and how it destroys one's body.

Lorraine is also a part of the unvaccinated community who do not want to get an immunization shot, as they believe that it would only make things worse, or propaganda, or something which the government would use to track them.

While the politician discussed a lot of different attacks against COVID, the interview has focused on the new conspiracy theory she presented. Here she talked about how COVID-19 vaccinated people can "destroy the bodies" of the unvaccinated ones that would simply stand or be near them.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Conspiracy Theory Debunked

COVID-19 can destroy the body if it infected people, and being around them makes others subject to getting infected.

However, there is no evidence that COVID-19 vaccinated people can destroy other people's bodies by simply being near them, as herd immunity is not even believed to be possible during this time.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's COVID-19 vaccine facts, the person vaccinated can not get sick from COVID-19, because their bodies already know how to fight against it. Moreover, they cannot "destroy" other people's bodies, despite close contact with them.

Herd Immunity is the sharing of antibodies in a crowd, especially as more people in the population are vaccinated, trumping those who do not want to get jabbed, or have not received one yet.

Could Vaccines do Better or Worse?

Vaccines were made for the betterment of society, and to make its recipients better to fight against the virus that is widespread in the community. To answer the question "could vaccines do better or worse," these shots were made to give people a better chance in fighting and resisting infections or the disease.

Especially now that the Delta Variant is infecting the US's massive population, vaccinations are more important and needed than ever.

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