NVIDIA RTX 30-Series GPU restock is happening at Best Buy on Tuesday, July 20, with people expecting to queue up as it would be a physical distribution that invites people back to stores.

The restock will not happen online, and it would be focused on giving people a ticket to buy the graphics card, and getting that means a guarantee of a sale. 

COVID-19 is not yet over, but Best Buy is intent on having the sale held on physical stores, unlike before with the PS5 restocks that all were strictly observed through online purchases. 

NVIDIA RTX 30-Series GPU Restock: How to Buy from Best Buy?

NVIDIA RTX 30-Series GPU Restock Best Buy
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NVIDIA RTX 30-series GPU is having a massive restock on Best Buy, and this might be one of its widest one so far.

Searching for the NVIDIA RTX-30 Series GPU restock on Best Buy's website will get users nowhere, especially as it would say "in-stores only" as its mode of sale.

Here, the retail company explains that blue shirt staff would distribute tickets to people queueing up for its sale, and would be guaranteed a graphics card when one receives the said ticket stub. The stores of Best Buy across the country would open by 8:00 AM, local time, but would start the distribution of the stubs by 7:30 AM for all in the queue. 

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When is the Restock?

The Best Buy restock for NVIDIA RTX 30-series GPUs would be later, Tuesday, July 20. Again, the sale would be observed only in physical stores, and a stub is needed to buy the graphics card. Not having the stub would put people at the bottom of the priority, and it would not guarantee a GPU sale for them from Best Buy.

Nvidia GeForce RTX 30-Series Best Buy Restock
(Photo : Screenshot from Twitter post of @Rakunvar)
Best Buy is having a restock of NVDIA's RTX 30-Series GPU, and it requires people going to its physical stores to purchase it.

The restock on each branch of the retail company would be limited, and so would the ticket stubs. Not receiving one despite being queued up early for its opening means that those are the only stocks on that Best Buy location. 

Initially, it was promised by experts and enthusiasts of the GPU that the NVIDIA RTX 30-series will be "easier to buy" in the coming months. And this massive restock for Best Buy that is widely distributed to a lot of its branches is a testament to that.

What are the Store Locations?

Graphic cards are sold only once per customer, so it is ideal to bring a companion when queueing up if one wants to buy more than what is allowed. Users can browse the store upon opening and getting the ticket, as having it would guarantee the NVIDIA GPU.

Not all store locations of Best Buy would have a restock. That being said, the company still has a lot on the list of the participating stores that would have it, from Alabama, Florida, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Texas Washington, Wyoming, and more. 

Users can check out the full list of stores and their specific locations via this link.

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