iPhone 13 Rumor Suggests Phone Could have 1TB Storage Option | Twice the 512GB Storage
(Photo : Screenshot From Apple Official Website) iPhone 13 Rumor Suggests Phone Could have 1TB Storage Option | Twice the 512GB Storage

A new rumor is circulating online that the iPhone 13 could come with a massive 1TB of storage option. This option is extremely rare, and only a few phones are actually offering a storage option of 1TB.

It is worth noting that Apple has previously been expected to come out with 1TB of storage.

Apple iPhone 13 Rumor Notes Possible 1TB Storage Option

This rumor has been going on a couple of times before, but has also been disputed a number of times by analysts.

Another source, according to TechRadar, however, is now adding fuel to the fire. 

Wedbush, a certain analyst firm that has been able to correctly predict a number of big tech news before, is the source as per 9to5Mac. Wedbush noted that the iPhone 13 will be offered with a massive 1TB storage option, which is expected to come with LiDAR scanners on all of the four different models.

1TB Storage Option Phones in the Market

The massive 1TB max storage size would reportedly double the iPhone 12 series' maximum storage option of 512GB.

Of course, it would also be an optional version of the phone, so if buyers think they don't need the 1TB storage space, they won't have to buy it and can opt for a smaller version.

Rumors are now saying that the iPhone 13 will also come with stronger MagSafe magnets as well.

This reportedly won't be the very first terabyte-storage handset to come out as the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, Asus ROG Phone 2, Note 10 Plus, and the ZTE Axon 30 Ultra are among other smartphones that already pack this much storage. Of course, this also comes with the expectation that the 1TB iPhone 13 would cost quite a lot as well.

Do You Need 1TB of Storage?

For those that already own an iPhone and are perfectly fine with the current 64GB, 128GB, or even the 256GB phone, there might not be a need to get more space.

However, there could be a number of situations in which having the extra memory could be useful.

First of all, phone users will naturally still need more phone space over time as they start downloading more apps, taking more photos, and need more system updates. This would mean that the 1TB iPhone would provide a superior longevity.

Apple is expecting to manufactur 90 million iPhone 13s before the end of the year.

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iPhone 13 Could be for Professionals

More importantly, the iPhone 13 with a massive 1TB storage could be great for business users, or creative professionals that might need the extra space for their work. This could also offer more space for those photographers, videographers, or business people that would need a massive amount of storage in order for them to do their jobs.

The professional-tier iPhones are reportedly designed for professionals anyway. This is why they are called "Pro," and the 1TB storage space would allow professionals to use their phone without having to rely much on cloud storage.

The iPhone 13 is now expected to launch this coming September, but users will just have to wait and see as it is still currently a rumor without official confirmation from Apple.

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