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Amazon Alexa is packed with services and features that even extends to sharing lists with other people. With a bit of adjustment to its list settings, you can send items to your contacts and get notifications.

The Shopping List feature is ideal for visually impaired users. It is also perfect for people who are too busy to keep track of their lists. You can share the list with your friends, family, health aides, and other auxiliary help.

How to Create a Shopping List Using Alexa

Download the Amazon Alexa app from the App Store or Google Play Store, depending on what smartphone you're using. Open the app and select "More" to start your shopping list.

Tap on "List & Notes," then select "Shopping." To add an item to your list, tap on the blue "+" icon and change the name.

If you wish to remove an item from your shopping list, just tap on the checkbox located next to the item name, according to How to Geek. Once the item is removed, it will be reflected on both the app and the desktop version of Amazon.

Once you've listed all of the items you need, tap on "Shop Your List." You can choose if you want your items to be delivered or picked up. You can also opt for in-store shopping at Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods, according to The Verge.

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Sharing Your Shopping List With Alexa

You can share your shopping list with your friends and family in four easy ways. First, you can tap on the "Share" option located at the upper-right navigation bar of the Shopping screen. It will ask you to invite people to your list or send a copy of your list through a text message.

Second, you can tell Alexa to share your shopping list via voice command. You can do it on any Alexa-powered device. Alexa will prompt you to enumerate the names of people that you want to share your list with.

To enable the feature, the person must be on your phone's list. It does not matter if they won an Amazon account or not, according to CNBC.

Third, you can open the Alexa app, tap on the blue button located on top of the screen, wait for the purple bar to start moving and tell Alexa to share your list.

And fourth, you can invite others to your Shopping List by making them visit your Wishlist page on a desktop.

In this way, they will immediately see the items you've put in, and you won't have to share it with them anymore since they already have access to it. After sharing your shopping list, your contact will get notified via text message and an Alexa-powered device alert if they have one.

How to Turn Off List Sharing

If you wish to turn off the list sharing feature, just tap on the "Share" button on the app's "Shopping" page and tap on "Turn off list sharing."

This will remove all of the shared access to all contacts. It is highly recommended to turn off the list sharing feature once all of the items have been bought to avoid confusion.

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