Samsung is set to be the first ever in the world to feature the new scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass in its phone cameras. 

Corning, the company that manufactures the Gorilla Glass, made the announcement in a press release on the new Gorilla Glass products. 

Corning Gorilla Glass Vice President and General Manager Jaymin Amin said in that press release that the company has "engineered the ideal solution for camera lens covers."

"Our Gorilla Glass DX products offer the industry's best combination of optical performance and protection for the ultimate consumer experience," said Amin. 

Samsung to Feature Gorilla Glass in Phone Cameras: What is Gorilla Glass?

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Samsung's phones will be featuring the Gorilla Glass, a thin, durable, scratch-resistant glass manufactured by Corning. It is a technology widely used in smartphones 

In its press release, Corning announced two new Gorilla Glass product types that feature what the company calls the DX and DX+ technology and introduced a new class that focuses on the camera lenses of smartphones. 

According to TechRadar, Gorilla Glass with DX is "not just glass and it's not new," but this will be the first instance that the technology will be applied to smartphone cameras. Per the report, the technology was first used in 2018 on the Samsung Galaxy Watch. 

It has been previously reported that Apple has invested $45 million to Corning, which also supplies the iPhone 12's ceramic screen. 

Which Samsung Phones Will Feature the New Gorilla Glass?

It is only towards the end of the press release that Corning revealed that Samsung is the first to test the new class of Gorilla Glass in its smartphones. 

"Samsung will be the first customer to adopt the Gorilla Glass DX products for camera lens covers," the press release reads. 

No other details have been made available in the press release so it remains uncertain which specific device will feature the Gorilla Glass DX camera lens. There is also no information, as of press time, regarding when the Gorilla Glass DX products will be available in the market. 

Other Samsung Updates

Samsung Hardware Event Leaked Promo Image
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The news on the use of scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass in Samsung's camera phones will surely boost the excitement of those waiting for the brand's upcoming products, especially those with the tendency to drop their phones often. 

While details remain scarce on which Samsung phones will feature the Gorilla Glass, there are other things to look forward to while waiting for more news, such as the online hardware event happening next month. 

Galaxy Unpacked is set to happen next month and many believe that this event will unveil many of Samsung's most-awaited products, such as Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3. Fans are also speculating the Galaxy Watch 4 watches will be officially unveiled in the event as well. 

Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy Unpacked Hardware event will take place on August 11 at 10 a.m. ET. 

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